Super Therm® v Reflective Paint

White paint only reflects two elements of heat (UV and Visual Light) and does not reflect infra red heat – 57% of total heat energy…Super Therm® does!

Super Therm blocks 95% of heat
Roof of a Super Therm® bus in Mexico
  • White paint only reflects while it is clean, new, white and shiny.
  • During summer in the middle of the day with the sun shining brightly, a white car roof will be too hot to touch because of emissivity. Therefore, it is absorbing (not reflecting) heat, and the absorbed heat will transfer to the interior of the car…the same is with any roof or other surface.
  • The same roof painted with Super Therm® will be cool to the touch and no hotter than the ambient air temperature as it reflects 95% of heat and does not load heat.
  • When the exterior of a building is coated with Super Therm®, the result is similar to permanently placing the building or vehicle under a dense shade tree – the heat on the building or vehicle is substantially reduced. Reflective coatings cannot achieve this!

Explanation of emissivity and heat load

Japanese Institute of Standards

The test piece was taken from a roof in January 2006 where Super Therm® was applied in 1989, and tested at Building Material Test Center in Japan.

The climate is very severe in this area of Kansas with 38°c (100°F) in the summer, sand storms, very strong sun radiation, and -21°c (-5° F) in the winter with snow and ice. The reflectance of near infrared is 67.1%, but this is because the Super Therm® at that time did not contain the fourth ceramic, which was introduced in the year 2000 and designed to block infra red rays. Therefore, the result with the current Super Therm® is better.

In Japan, university testing was performed on twenty one reflective coatings in the market. Their average beginning reflectivity was 80%. After 591 days (1.5 years), reflectivity was reduced for other reflective paints was 58% average. This is an accurate view of most reflective paints in the world market.

Super Therm®’s reduction of solar reflectance in 3 years tested for the Energy Star Program by the EPA was only 1%.

Extensive Testing

No other insulation type material has been field tested as extensively as Super Therm®. It has been rigorously field tested and meets the highest standards. The unique formula is UL, FM, ABS, IMO and Coast Guard approved and a VOC Compliant (just 67 grams/litre) water-based coating. Super Therm® has a Class ‘A’ Fire Rating against flame and smoke. Plus, it is USDA approved for use in and around food preparation areas.

Comparison of Super Therm® to other reflecting coatings on the market

When tested for Energy Star Program

In the government testing procedures on the products by Insulating Coatings Corporation, Temp-Coat Brand Products, LLC, and SPM Thermoshield, Inc. dba Roof Guardian when tested for Energy Star Program, the testing was performed to demonstrate the reflectivity of a new roof and of a three-year old roof to determine the reduction in reflectivity/performance and loss of insulation effectiveness.

See the original report of the Energy Star Program at

This comparison testing shows very clearly that Super Therm® is the best coating on the market to maintain its insulation ability over the years. The other coatings must be reapplied to maintain any insulation ability. Super Therm® does not have to reapplied.

Full report pdf

Product New Roof Reflectivity 3 Year Old Roof Percentage Reduction in Reflectivity
Aztec 900 86% 77% 10.5%
Warranty of 10 years would mean that at the end of 10 years the reflectivity would be reduced by a minimum of 30%
Temp Coat 87.7% 61% 30%
Warranty of 10 years would mean that at the end of 10 years the reflectivity would be reduced by a minimum of 90%
Thermo-Shield 84% 63% 25%
Warranty of 10 years would mean that at the end of 10 years the reflectivity would be reduced by a minimum of 75%
Super Therm® 80% 79% 1%
Warranty of 10 years would mean that at the end of 10 years the reflectivity would be reduced by less than 0.04%

KW Savings from Super Therm® = Actual Dollar Savings

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