Debunked Media

Media reports and articles can be misleading and consequently damaging to quality products such as our quality coatings. It’s important that these articles are pulled apart and the truth is explained and statements are based on facts, research, testing and results.

SPI Coatings (Manufacturer) and NEOtech Coatings (Australian Distributor) have outstanding, world leading coatings that shield, protect and insulate with proven testing, ASTM standards and real industry results and these broad, misleading statements are debunked and refuted here.

While it is easy to generalise the entire industry, knowing that SPI Coatings products are tested, certified and stand heads-and-shoulders apart from its competitors…its a matter of don’t tarnish all products with the same brush.

Yeah right Super Therm works – Too good to be true!

Here at NEOtech Coatings we experience many comments with SUPER THERM® that are ill-informed and misleading because people don’t understand the high performance nature of the one and only SUPER THERM® ceramic insulation coating. tsimshianman‘s response below on the blog was excellent and it’s important that people understand ‘there are numerous knock off products which are the ones you hear about making wild performance claims. All you need to do is ask for the testing which supports the claims.’ SUPER THERM® is tested, certified and proven. Read the response >

An ‘Insulating’ Paint Salesman Is Tripped Up By His Own Product

There is no such thing as “insulating” paint, as I noted in an earlier blog. However, that fact hasn’t stopped paint dealers from promoting these worthless high-priced coatings to gullible customers.

One former distributor of “insulating” paint is Alton King of Longmeadow, Mass. After setting up a company called Energy & Conservation Management Inc., King became a distributor of Super Therm, a paint manufactured by Superior Products International. The manufacturer claims that Super Therm (also spelled “Supertherm”) has an “R-19 equivalent rating” and “provides the same protection as 6 inches of fiberglass.” Read our response >

Misleading Ceramic Insulation Coatings Articles in the Media

Q: Should I paint the exterior of my home with ceramic paint A: Manufacturers of “radiant barrier” or “insulating” paint claim it can prevent you from repainting as often, extend the life of your roof and walls, and hide unsightly cracks in stucco. They also say it will lower your energy bill by reflecting the sun away from your house. Read our response >

Is SUPER THERM insulation or paint?

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