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Thermal Coatings

Super Therm® - Heat Neutralizer...Cool Insulation Coating
Superior Products International II Inc. Certified Coating

Super Therm®

Ceramic Coating Blocks 96.1% of Total Solar Heat

Super Therm® is used to coat over exterior surfaces in hot climates to block 96.1% of the radiation heat (UV, Short Wave and Long Wave). Preventing HEAT LOAD onto the initial surface or envelope of the building or structure reduces heat entering the interior. Super Therm has a 99% BTU rating, meaning it blocks virtually all InfraRed Heat. While most coatings reflect heat and don’t work when dirty, Super Therm® has proven to be working efficiently over 30 years later > Learn More >

Super Therm thermal insulation coating applied to over 100 air jet bridges at Harry Reid Las Vegas International airport. Super Therm distributor in Australia, NEOtech Coatings

HPC Coating logo

HPC® Coating

Get “High” Heat Insulation and Protection that Stops CUI

  • HPC® Coating – Ambient up to 204°C / 400°F
  • HPC®-INT – 204°C / 400°F up to 426°C / 800°
  • HPC®-HT – 426°C / 800°F up to 650°C / 1200°F

HPC® Coating, HPC®-INT and HPC®-HT is a single component water-based coating designed to insulate hot pipes or surfaces that load up to 650°C. The coating is not a reflective coating but an insulation coating and works to block or hold the loading of higher heats and to resist the transfer of heat through the coating to the cooler side. Holds heat in the surface in which it covers. Once coated, the surface should be equal to the interior temperature. HPC®-HT has been successfully applied to hot pipe surfaces around 650°C. Learn More >


Get “High” Heat Protection that Surpasses Conventional Insulation

HSC® Coating is a single component water-based coating designed to insulate hot pipes or surfaces that load up to 176°C. The coating is not a reflective coating, but works to block the absorption of heat and to resist the transfer of heat through the coating to the cooler side > Learn More >

Sunshield Heat Reflective Paint logo


More than just a Heat Reflective White Paint – Blocks 85% of Solar Heat

Sunshield is a single component water-based reflective coating made with acrylics but using our highest quality of reflective ceramic compounds to outperform all similar “reflective” coatings advertised in the market. Not as long lasting as Super Therm®, but does a great job of repelling the initial radiation heat on the surface it covers. Learn More >

Fire Coating

Omega Fire™ logo

Omega Fire

A Coating Designed to Withstand 1200°C Direct Flame and Heat Transfer

Omega Fire™ is a single component coating designed to withstand 1200°C (2200°F) direct flame and resist heat transfer to the backside. This coating has not obtained UL certification as yet, but has performed many of the UL testing profiles to verify its capabilities. Adjustments have been made after all the initial testing to perfect its performance. Some initial testing along the way have given up to 7-hour fire rating performance and passed the NYC 2 hour support beam testing as well as fire protection for shipping containers > Learn More >

Corrosion Coatings

Rust Grip® logo

Rust Grip®

The World’s Toughest Encapsulation Coating

Rust Grip® is a robust, single-component urethane formula designed to be applied directly onto rusted or sandblasted metal surfaces. It boasts a formidable surface tensile strength of 6780 psi, with pull test results averaging 1200 psi in laboratory settings and 2200 psi on field-blasted surfaces. This durable coating penetrates the metal pores or existing rust, effectively sealing out moisture and air to prevent further corrosion. Its straightforward application process and high efficacy make it ideal for combating harsh corrosive environments. Notable success stories include its application on the from around the globe and in thousands of projects for major clients including Chevron, BHP and Workstrings International, underlining its effectiveness in preserving industrial assets. Rust Grip® requires application on completely dry surfaces for optimal performance.. Learn More >

Moist Metal Grip

The Ideal Protection in Harsh, Wet Environments

Moist Metal Grip is a two component epoxy formula for corrosion control over condensation or wet surfaces of any kind. Moist Metal Grip can be applied by brush or roller to force the coating into the surface pores, to replace the moisture or water, and to lock down and prevent the combination of moisture and air to allow corrosion to exist or continue. Available in clear, white, and custom colours. Learn More >

Industrial Sealant Coatings

Enamo Grip logo

Enamo Grip

The Ultimate Protection Coating

Enamo Grip is a two component urethane top coat for colour and UV protection with industrial strength to guard against chemical splash and acid rain. Enamo Grip provides an automotive-type coating finish with self-leveling properties. Available in clear and custom colours. Learn More >

Harry Reid International Airport Las Vegas with Super Therm, Rust Grip and Enamo Grip

SP Interlock

Stone and Concrete Sealant…Perfect for Treating Salt Damp

SP Interlock is a single component water-based coating containing a combination of non-acidic water-soluble agents, which penetrate through the open pores of aged concrete. SP Interlock sets up a chemical reaction (within the concrete) with the salts and limes present. Unlike other sealants, SP Interlock works from the inside out. This is not a surface sealant. SP Interlock works to replace solids lost by age and weathering. Learn More >

Super Base

Used to Fill and Seal Cracks and Breaks in the Roof Substrate

Super Base is a single component water-based coating used over roofing as a base coat before applying Super Therm®. Used to fill and seal cracks and breaks in the roof substrate. Must have some pitch on the roof and no ponding areas. Learn More >

Lining Kote logo

Lining Kote UHS

Protect Against the Harshest Acids, Chemicals and Solvents

Lining Kote UHS protects against the harshest acids, bases, chemicals and solvents. Lining Kote UHS is a two-part pigmented epoxy coating, which will produce a hard, tough coating film. Designed to for use on the interior of tanks, this epoxy coating was built to resist the toughest acid, chemical or solvent environments. Learn More >

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