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Super Therm® applied to a home in Booleroo Centre, Southern Flinders Ranges, South Australia

  • 25% in roof space temperature reduction
  • 8-12°C reduction in internal living temperature (client reported)
  • Improved solar panel performance
  • Big reduction in energy and power use

NEOtech Coatings were contacted by Malcolm and Betty from Booleroo Centre in the Southern Flinders Ranges, South Australia to help them solve a major heat issue with their home. The Flinders Ranges as part of the Mid North and Outback region can reach temperatures above 45° in summer and all the roofs are unprotected from the blistering and burning sun

Built in 1882, the galvanised roof was replaced early 2000 but the heat penetration through the roof, bulk insulation and ceiling was unbearable. Malcolm and Betty also have an extension that is a flat roof with no ceiling space which also gets very hot.

Their 24kW solar system performed better with more power back to the grid as the solar panels had their surrounding radiant heat significantly reduced and they required less air conditioning.

Not long after the Super Therm® was applied, Malcolm commented they were able to feel the internal temperature difference. After application on a 28° day, the roof space average was 31° and the Super Therm coated sheets internally were also 31° compared with previous high of 41° on the uncoated roof. This 25% difference means it was much cooler inside their home as there was a tiny amount of heat loading into the roof space and traditional insulation.

In fact, once Super Therm® was applied the roof space stabilised and consistently tracked with the ambient external temperature and reduced their air conditioning needs.

Before and after Super Therm® application
results will vary in different locations and conditions

While we still build homes as we did in the 1800s, Super Therm® has proven it blocks the heat load and transforms your home into an energy efficient and future ready building. Naturally dark roofs attract much more heat and are being banned in some parts of Australia, imagine a Super Therm cool roof that blocks most of the heat and pays for itself very quickly. 

Malcolm and Betty’s investment will last well over 20 years against the rising threat of heatwaves, blackouts and increased sustained heat events. 

Super Therm® applied to a cathedral roof home in Kapunda, South Australia

Residential Florida Solar Heat Block Coatings Test – Department of Energy

On February 10th & 11th, 2003 a test was conducted on Super Therm® Solar Heat Block Coating, applied to a residential home roofing system located in Dade County, Florida in accordance with the State of Florida Energy Office / Energy Conservation Assistance Programs Designation: ECAP-CUL-1-99.

As installed, at the time of this testing, the Super Therm® Roof Coating System proved to be an effective Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) that produced a reasonable simple pay back of approximately 2.2 years on this particular project. This would indicate that it’s application could be fundable with Federal and / or State of Florida Energy Grant Dollars where applicable. Note: Results may vary in different conditions and locations.

Test of Super Therm® on a residential home. Great outcomes included:

  • Pay back of approximately 2.2 years in power reduction
  • Benefits from Super Therm® insulation ceramic coating: 133,100 BTU’s per hour
  • Super Therm® reduced total Roof Solar Gain Loads by 20 to 30%.

See the Department of Energy report >

Reduces energy and maintenance costs while increasing comfort in buildings

  • Reduces energy costs and increases comfort by coating roofing and interior/exterior walls to keep heat in during winter or heat out during the summer.
  • Protects concrete swimming pool decks to provide a cool surface.
  • Reduces fuel consumption and improves performance and comfort of motor homes.
  • Reduces risk of condensation on cold water pipes and of resulting mold and mildew.
  • Protects air conditioning unit outer casings to prevent reductions in efficiency from heat build up inside the housing.
  • Provides a fire-resistant coating for substrates. Super Therm® has a “0” fire and smoke spread and will not contribute to flame spread.

Going Green with Super Therm in Las Vegas

Energy Star rating

Imagine an exterior paint that saves you money. It’s true. It’s called Super Therm® and this ceramic coating has the consistency of a thicker paint, which blocks 95% of heat by deflecting three radiation sources from the sun–ultraviolet, visual light and infra red rays.

Super Therm® creates an envelope of heat protection on the outside of a home, translating to a cooler house. Read article – pdf | Read More >

Super Therm Cools Las Vegas

Mack BarnhardtTechnical Consultant at Air Filtration Systems, Corp. – from LinkedIn

Joseph, I have Super Therm® on my 3 HVAC units, 2 Swamp Coolers, 2 pressure well tanks, my 2 story barn and even on my RV and outdoor restroom, yes it has a shower.

I live in Las Vegas and I can vouch for you that if you need to reduce heat load from the sun Super Therm® is your best bet!

Thank you for a very special and wonderful thermal coating!

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Super Therm® Reduces the Urban Heat Island effect

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