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Cool roofs and how to get them: City of Adelaide Council trials a space-age ceramic coating as temperatures skyrocket

The Fifth Estate – May 2022

City of Adelaide Council is partnering with the University of Adelaide to trial the use of a ceramic cool roof coating called Super Therm, originally developed with NASA, that is more effective at blocking heat than an ordinary white roof. 

Rising global temperatures are creating a hotter and drier climate that makes the urban heat island effect more intense, particularly in dense inner-urban areas such as the Adelaide CBD. 

At the same time, the need for greater energy efficiency in buildings and cut airconditioning costs means there’s a greater need for products that can help to passively cool buildings. 

But while white or lighter coloured roofs are more effective than dark roofs at blocking visual light from the sun, they do little to block the ultraviolet radiation that causes sunburn or the infra-red rays that are felt as heat. 

This is important, because short-wave visual light radiation makes up only around 44 per cent of the heat from the sun, with around 53 per cent coming from infrared radiation and a further 3 per cent from UV. More >

Tough Coatings Used Around the World

Australian Mining Review – May 2021

NEOtech Coatings Australia offers a range of core coatings solutions that have been individually tried and tested across every continent globally in partnership with the likes of NASA and Chevron.

Working with the U.S. based developer and manufacturer Superior Products International, II Inc. (“SPI”), NEOtech Coatings provides leading innovative insulation and corrosion protection coating solutions with proven success in the oil, gas and mining industries worldwide.

Australian Mining Review spoke to Director of NEOtech Coatings Shane Strudwick and SPI International Sales Manager Arin Shahmoradian about how these coatings are improving energy efficiency, safety and environmental outcomes while saving time and money.

And while these coatings deliver outstanding results on their own, Shane and Arin explain how the main point of difference lies in how the products work together as a system to solve even the most difficult problems in the toughest industrial environments. More >

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