Moist Metal Grip

Moist Metal Grip is a two-part epoxy coating designed for application on dry or wet surfaces for protection against corrosion and chemicals. Moist Metal Grip can be applied by brush or roller, even while the surface is wet to force the coating into the surface pores, to replace the moisture or water, and to lock down and prevent the combination of moisture and air to allow corrosion to exist or continue. Moist Metal Grip adheres to metal as well as concrete and wood surfaces. Epoxotherm can be applied as the top coat to stop condensation. Available in clear, white, and custom colours.

Moist Metal Grip is resistant to water, solvents, and humidity. To apply, remove algae and residues from wet surfaces, then apply Moist Metal Grip directly to the surface, with firm pressure to force the coating into pores. Moist Metal Grip can be applied directly over flash or surface rust without loss of adhesion.

Moist Metal Grip is EU certified for potable water usage and approved by European standards. It is tested to withstand temperatures up to 176°C (350°F) and for 450 hours of salt spray exposure.

Moist Metal Grip is ideally suited for surfaces that will be submerged or subjected to constant water pooling or condensation.

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