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Historic Preservation

Fire protection and preservation of historic buildings, both inside and out is very important. NEOtech Coatings have fire ratings and classifications that will protect up to 2 hours. It is also perfect for apartments, hotel upgrades, hospitals and aged care facilities or buildings that require a retrofit out.

Although the range of SPI fire coatings are designed for a range of environments, the solutions for internal application of ceilings and walls are highly beneficial. As a base coat you can then apply a colour of your choice over the top and have complete peace of mind knowing your structure where the coatings are applied will not induce flame spread.

The coatings are quick to apply, save and low VOC and a fast drying water-based compound making them both environmentally friendly and easy to clean up. You can retain the premises surfaces without the need to go to the expense of rebuilding with fire rated materials.

SPI’s coatings are tested internationally including the perfect score from NASA with Super Therm®.

Councils & Shires

NEOtech Coatings fire rated coatings technology give you a cost effective, non-destructive option to achieving fire ratings on existing structures that comply with Council fire order upgrades.

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