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Moist Metal Grip

The ideal protection in a harsh Australian environment

Moist Metal Grip is a tough adherent, 2 component Epoxy coatings, which produce hard, yet flexible coating films. These epoxy products will demonstrate excellent chemical and solvent resistance when utilised in harsh atmospheres, and will also provide outstanding water and humidity resistance.

These coatings will adhere tenaciously to a variety of substrates, such as carbon steel (phosphated or non-phosphated), wood and concrete. These products can be utilised in DTM (direct-to-metal) applications, with excellent success, as they have been fortified with a very efficient, non-toxic, rust inhibitive pigment > Learn More >

Rust Grip®

The ultimate for rust prevention and protection

Rust Grip® Is a one-part polyurethane coating that combines with atmospheric moisture to cure. Upon curing, Rust Grip® provides a protective coating of superior adhesion, flexibility and abrasion/impact-resistance. It is resistant to chemical solvents and acid splash.

Rust Grip® has passed over 10,000 hours of Salt Spray testing (pdf).

Originally designed for metal surfaces, Rust Grip® demonstrates excellent adhesion to wood, concrete, fiberglass and many other substrates. Rust Grip® is designed for the encapsulation of and adherence to tightly-bonded surfaces of lead-based and other toxic paints as well as rusted surfaces > Learn More >

Super Base

The ideal base coat for all round performance

Super Base is designed from the best known high- performance elastomeric specially formulated acrylic in the market, known for adhesion, ability to pond water, weatherability, UV-resistance, flexibility and toughness. Super Base was blended to work cohesively with our MULTI – MESH MEMBRANE and Super Therm® together or separately to form a complete seal on any roofing or wall structure.

Longevity of service was the concern, and the determination for quality was built into this base coating. It is a water-based, high-performance acrylic that is easily applied without environmental concerns and compliments the quality of the Super Therm® top coat > Learn More >

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