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HSC® Coating

Get heat protection / insulation that surpasses conventional insulation with HSC® Coating, a ceramic based, water-borne insulating coating designed to insulate in medium temperature situations. Use HSC® Coating as a base coat/primer or build layers for additional protection.

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Superior Products International II Inc. Certified Coating

HSC® is used to coat over surfaces and pipes that load up to 176°C (350°F). The coating is a conduction coating, that works to block the loading of heat into itself and resist the transfer of this heat through the coating to the cooler side as a single component water based. While it was designed to control heat transfer on surface temperatures up to 176°C (350°F), with some field testing, this insulation coating has stayed intact with constant adhesion at temperatures above 1093°C (2000°F).

Unlike Super Therm® which is designed to block and reflect solar heat of the three main radiation heat waves from the sun (UV, Short and Long Wave), HSC® is designed to block heat waves from interior sources blocking the loading of the contained interior heat which presents the loss of heat through the surface it covers.  HSC® is applied with more thickness because it must catch and hold heat when the interior atmosphere is contained and has little allowance for reflection of heat back into the atmosphere it is facing.

For use on other surfaces such as roofs and walls internally, when a metal roof becomes very hot, it is hard for HSC® to hold out all the heat, but can reduce the heat load and transfer into the building. At 1.25mm it can work. It is recommended buildings will need vents in the ceiling of the roof to allow heat generated inside the building and other heat to escape out of the building. With Vents (fans) are the best.

HSC® is extremely lightweight and smooth in appearance. HSC® uses a specially formulated acrylic resin7 blend with specific ceramic compounds added to provide a non-conductive block against heat transfer.

HSC® Coating offers a “green”, non-flammable, non-toxic formula for medium heat surface applications over standard steam pipe or oven wall construction. The coating was originally designed for hot applications where temperature exposures fall below those that would require the use of HPC® Coating. HSC® Coating can be applied over metal, concrete, wood, and other substrates

Super Therm Insulation Coating has No Fire Spread

Like HPC® Coating, HSC® Coating is a combination of high performance, specially designed, high-temperature ceramics and resins in a water-borne, nonflammable formula. HSC® Coating is designed to be applied by Texspray or brush for applications requiring smoother surfaces over small diameters.

HSC® Coating is designed to coat surfaces that sustain temperatures between 66°c (150°F) and 176°c (350°F). HSC® Coating is applied while the surface is hot, which prevents downtime and lost production hours. HSC® Coating can be applied over valves and elbows where wraps cannot be effectively applied.

HSC® Coating prevents the loss of conductive and radiant heat from surfaces. By blocking heat loss from the interior of the surface, pipe or vessel, HSC® Coating will increase the overall heat of the fluid or gas within the pipe or vessel.

HSC® is designed with several specially formulated resins and additives created to provide a base that is flexible enough to withstand severe climate changes, as well as severe heat peaks without loss of adhesion. A select group of ceramic materials are used in the formula to achieve a stoppage of heat, fire, smoke, and gases from passing through the coating during a fire.

This coating is designed to stay intact with constant adhesion above 1090°C. This is not an intumescent coating, but instead, a pliable film that reacts to flame. The face of the coating will glaze during a fire to form a complete protection shield against flame, smoke, gases and heat.

This insulation method is much different than the traditional “wrap” insulation materials that only slow down the loss of heat (known as an R-rating or “heat transfer”). The seven ceramic compounds create a barrier to catch and hold heat on the surface of the unit, e.g. pipe, furnace surface, boiler, etc. Unlike wraps that use air as the insulation component, the ceramic compounds in the HSC™ Coating resist absorbing heat trying to come off the surface to escape. This traps and holds the heat onto the surface for more effective insulation performance.

Instead of just measuring the heat on the surface, the question should be: What is the heat inside the unit? The answer: After coating, the surface will equal the temperature inside.

Additional benefits of HSC™ Coating include:

Easy to Apply: Apply directly to hot pipes up to 162°C (325°F) while operating with brush, roller or airless sprayer to fit over any configuration or shape

Increased Insulation: Additional coats immediately reduce surface temperature and loss of heat

Long Lasting: Does not absorb moisture or lose insulation value

Safe: Non-flammable and non-toxic

Reflectivity testing on Conductive Ceramic Insulation HSC: (Reflectance 85.33%, Thermal Emittance 0.64) Test Results pdf

HSC Coating Spread Rate Guide

Product % solids by volume Microns DFT mm DFT Mils DFT Spread m2/litre Spread m2/gal Spread ft2/gal
HSC 70.0 1270 1.27 50 0.55 2.1 22.5
  70.0 2540 2.54 100 0.28 1.0 11.23
70.0 5080 5.08 200 0.14 0.5 5.61
70.0 6350 6.35 250 0.11 0.4 4.5

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