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Save 20-50% on solar energy gain (Industry Test) Download PDF!
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NEOtech Coatings Big Gun Solutions

Super Therm®
Blocks 96.1% TSR Heat & 20-50% in Energy Savings (Industry Tested)
Durable Heat Reflective Paint/Coating That Lasts 10 Years
Rust Grip®
Rust, Lead Paint & Asbestos Encapsulation – 15,000 hrs (30 years)
Moist Metal Grip®
Rust Encapsulation for Submersed, Wet or Damp Surfaces
Enamo Grip®
The Uniquely Tough Protective Coating that is Hard and Durable
SP Interlock®
Purge Impurities & Harden Concrete & Stone; Stop Salt Damp
Hot Pipe Coating®
World’s only Live Hot Pipe Coating Solution - Load up to 260°C
Hot Surface Coating®
This Special Safe Coating is Designed up to 177°C
Omega Fire™
Works up to 1200°C Protects Assets Peace of Mind
Super Base™
Applied as a Primer for Super Therm® and Sunshield®
Lining Kote™
Protect Against the Harshest Acids, Bases, Chemicals and Solvents

NEOtech Coatings; theThe Super Hero
Future proofing with tough protective coatings!

NEO the Super Hero of Insulation Coatings

Australia can be a tough environment. A wide brown land of sweeping plains surrounded by jewelled seas. 

From the seas to the cities, the outback to the tropics the barrage of heat, fire, corrosion, acids, mould, bio-fouling, lead paint and asbestos encapsualtion is unyielding. 

Industry assets and infrastructure for companies, government and residence face a relentless attack from both the natural environmental and man-made contaminants. 

Whether it’s your assets, personal health, time or bank balance, Australia is being attacked by the ongoing, difficult environmental challenges. 

Defending against these attacks and finding sustainable, long lasting, trusted and proven solutions is a challenge. Solis the harsh UV and environmentHow do you fight-the-fight?

Welcome to the new era of innovative coatings based on advanced technology, science and chemistry without the spin.

Coatings that truly address the most aggressive environmental challenges to protect your assets long-term and stand the test of time. They work by themselves or as a suite to protect, shield and defend!

Proven tough and innovative no matter your difficult situation while future proofing your industrial assets. 

NEOtech Coatings Australia…we know how to help protect and future proof your industrial world.

Act now and save money, save time, reduce your risk and apply the World’s Best Future Proofing Industrial Coatings today!

Super Therm® guaranteed to make your life better with it’s top 5 benefits!

1. Saves you thousands in energy costs with clients showing ROI within 3 years*

2. World’s only ceramic coating Tested and Blocks 95% of solar (radiational) heat Blocks Infra Red 99.5%, UV 99% & Visual 92% energy!

3. Proven to last over 30 years

4. Prevents thermal shock protecting your assets, reduces fuel consumption and motor running costs

5. Environmentally friendly, safe and easy water based application and USDA Approved

The Ideal Heat Block Solution!

Global High Performance, Leading Edge
Super Therm®
Heat Block Coating >


Australia’s environment is changing rapidly. NEOtech Coatings shield, protect and insulate with our powerful insulation, fire, heat, corrosion, waterproof and sealant solutions coatings. You can save money, reduce your carbon footprint and improve human and livestock comfort in one coat.

INTRODUCING Super Therm® Blocks up to 96.1% SOLAR HEAT from entering a structure caused by Visual Light, Ultra Violet (UV) & Infra red (IR) SEE MORE >

This makes Super Therm® the best choice under the Australian sun! FIND OUT MORE >

Protect outside your building for sustainable energy solutions

With so much focus on sustainability and energy solutions in Australia with solar panels etc…have you ever thought “What if we stopped the heat entering the building”.

Traditional fibreglass insulation works on conduction and absorbs the Heat Load and releases it once the batt is full. Super Therm® blocks the heat from entering, there is no Heat Load, instead it has a 99BTU Rating.

Super Therm® Ceramic Heat Block Coating has a BTU Rating….quality coatings block out virtually all of the heat. Out of 100 – Super Therm® is 99BTU IR block.

Creating a protective heat barrier with no landfill and no maintenance…now that’s energy efficient, sustainable and future proofing! Find out more >

See how Super Therm® stops heat load!

Did you know a 3°C reduction in the thermostat produces a 39% reduction in utility costs | Con Edison, NY

We strive to provide our clients with unique eco-friendly products to common problems involving insulation, fireproofing, heat, corrosion, rust, condensation, mould, mildew, weatherising, waterproofing, hazardous materials and more with our proven, advanced technology industrial coatings.

Whether your coating project is straight forward, complex or you’re simply looking for the longest lasting products, we can provide an effective solution to address your needs. All of our products are manufactured in the USA by Superior Products International II, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Looking to join one of the world’s leading coatings companies. Contact us if you’re a quality applicator looking for new products and markets!