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Sunoco Chemical Oil Tanks

Industry: Energy and Mining

Location: Kenova, West Virginia

Products: Super Therm®, Rust Grip®

Global Partner: SPI Coatings

February 22, 1995

The project was conducted at the Sunoco Chemical – Neal Plant in Kenova, West Virginia, and one tank was coated with Rust Grip® and Super Therm®. The purpose of the project was to reduce the temperature inside the tank for the storage of polypropylene. Before coating the tank, Sunoco was forced to spray water on the tank for cooling to maintain safe temperature levels. After coating with Super Therm®, safe temperature levels were maintained without the use of water or any other external cooling mechanism. Sunoco is very pleased with the results and has ordered product for the coating of five additional tanks.

Parameters of the tank:

Volume – 30,000 gals.
Length – 75.20 ft.
Outside Diameter – 9.13 ft. Surface Area – 2,156 sq.ft. Saddle Surface Area – 100 sq.ft. Total Surface Area – 2,256 sq.ft.

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