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Military solutions with Insulation Coatings NEOtech Coatings

Defence and Military

There are a range of applications for SPI Coatings in military and defence facilities that solve many issues.

  • Super Therm® and US Air Force Renewable Energy Symposium
  • Lead based paint encapsulation at Fort Bragg, North Carolina
  • Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms
  • Jet Engine Thruster test
  • NASA Flammability test
  • Jet fighter electronics testing

Some uses for our coatings include:

  • Refrigerated trucks and storage units
  • Barrack walls/roofs
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Trucks and Vehicles
  • Supply Boxes and Storage Containers
  • Tanks
  • Engine room behind the cockpit
  • Coat the engine manifold and tail pipe
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Super Therm® is truly a timely, Energy Star and environmentally-friendly solar heat block coating that addresses both stopping heat and fire protection with minimal effort in application labor, making it ideal for a wider market use. The uses for Super Therm® are numerous and only limited by one’s imagination in the military.

Super Therm® and US Air Force Renewable Energy Symposium

Super Therm® on Air Force buildings. Credit Protecall

Super Therm® featured at US Air Force Renewable Energy Symposium June 28th & 29th, 2011 at the US Air Force conducted a Renewable Energy Symposium in Tucson, Arizona. The aim was to continue their leadership in developing and using renewable energy to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels.

Super Therm® Cool Roof Restoration System was featured as an Innovative Use of Ceramic Coatings to Alter the Approach to Building Heat Gain as it has 96.1% total solar reflectance.

One day prior to the symposium and presentation Super Therm® was applied to the exterior of a typical metal building on the US Air Force base that did not have any traditional insulation or drop ceilings. The days preceding the conference and during the conference had ambient temperatures ranging from 43°C to 45°C (111° to 113°F).

Prior to the presentation and demonstration all air conditioning was shut off for 3 days in order to accurately determine the effectiveness of the Super Therm®  in blocking the heat load onto the metal skin of the building.

After 3 days in 43°c to 45°C desert heat with no insulation or air conditioning the interior of the metal building coated with Super Therm® was 29°C (85°F) of the locked metal building.

After the classroom presentation nearly 200 attendees were bussed to the test site and were asked to touch the exterior side. They we impressed to see that the exterior temperature of the Super Therm® coated building was the same as the ambient temperature while the uncoated buildings were over 21°C (70°F) higher.

The doors to the building were then opened and the attendees walk in and around the building. With nearly 60 people in the building and the doors wide open in the desert heat the ambient temperature in the building was an astounding 29°C.

Source: Protecall

Lead based paint encapsulation at Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Products Rust Grip® and Enamo Grip®

Rust Grip® Encapsulates Lead-Based Paint, Asbestos and Corrosion

Numerous steel structures such as water tanks, bridges, aircraft hangars, antennas, ladders, poles, railings, catwalks, fire hydrants, fuel storage tanks, and metal buildings were constructed or installed with lead-based coatings. The removal of lead-based paint from steel structures is currently accomplished through a variety of methods, the most common being abrasive blasting.

Prior to recoating steel structures, abrasive blasting is required in order to remove the old lead-based paint and to provide adequate surface profile for bonding the new paint to the substrate. During abrasive blasting, a tight containment structure is required to prevent lead dust from contaminating air, soil or water. Inside such containment structures, increased worker protection is required due to high lead dust concentrations. The large, concentrated volume of waste generated by abrasive blasting is hazardous and requires additional stabilization treatment prior to disposal. RUST GRIP® eliminates sandblasting. Read More >

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms

The Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, also known as 29 Palms, is the largest United States Marine Corps base. It is owned by The Department of Defense which is America’s largest government agency. It is officially known as Twentynine Palms Base in southern San Bernardino County, California. Upon building new structures on the base, Rust Grip® and Enamo Grip were chosen because it was a great option versus hot dip galvanising for several reasons:

  • Replace the galvanising process which is toxic
  • Hot Dip Galvanising can possibility distort steel over large spans
  • Rust Grip® application accelerates the schedule of building construction
  • Rust Grip® reduces the costs for buildings
  • Rust Grip is a green product and innovative process

LEED Certification

Super Therm® is a LEED certification product for new and existing construction. It is Energy Star and U.S. Green Building approved product.

Super Therm® LEED Certifications – pdf

Barrack walls/roofs

Super Therm® to prevent solar heat load on exterior of buildings. If located in mostly winter areas or cold regions, you can coat the interior with the Super Therm® to face the heat and hold it in. Super Therm® also deadens sound traveling between units.

Rust Grip® to prevent corrosion

Enamo Grip 5000 – two component polyester high solids coating for protection against vapours, acid rain, and other harsh chemical environments while giving a car-like finish and UV protection. Can withstand Skydrol® hydraulic fluids used in aircraft when applied to flooring. Available in clear and custom colours.

Electronics Protection

APC Strippable on aircraft for electronic protection

APC Strippable Base is an innovative solution for aircraft and specialised electronics that need protection. APC Strippable Base is a single component, water- based coating designed to be a strippable base for bare or painted metal, painted concrete, masonry, high-density plastic and wood. It offers a dual ability to adhere to a surface and to have a top-coat applied such as Super Therm®, while allowing itself to be sliced to break the surface tension and be removed months or years later. APC Strippable Base works great with Super Therm® to protect aircraft electronics while in storage.

Refrigerated trucks and storage units

Rust Grip® and Super Therm® on the exterior to prevent the exterior skins from heating up. If the exterior cannot load heat, there is no heat to be transferred to the interior to affect the frozen products. See Cold and Cool Storage.

Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft Hangars and all other structures coated with or without Lead-Base Paint — Rust Grip® to encapsulate lead-base paint and rust and prevent the need for sandblasting. Apply Super Therm® to block solar heat. If located in mostly winter areas or cold regions, you can coat the interior with the Super Therm® to face the heat and hold it in.

Supply Boxes and Storage Containers

Coat with Rust Grip® and then with Super Therm® for heat control to protect batteries, electronics and other sensitive equipment packed inside from heat build up inside the container.


For heat control and to stealth the heat signature for at night combat, the exterior of a tank is coated with two coats of Super Therm®, then, the desert colours are applied over this. The Super Therm® works to keep the metal skin from heating up.

One of the exhaust exits is near the hatch. When soldiers exit the vehicle in a hurry, they will sometimes grab this exhaust pipe for leverage to get out. Being an exhaust pipe, they get burned. Coat this with HPC™, then overcoat with Super Therm® to seal and toughen the surface. Over this, apply a tough urethane coating (our Enamo Grip) in the desert colour scheme.

Engine room behind the cockpit

Coat the interior side of the engine room with HPC™ and over coat with Super Therm® to seal and face the engine heat. This will eliminate the loading of this heat into the metal skin around the engine that transfers into the cockpit. Do this for the transmission box and other areas that produce heat that can affect the cockpit.

Coat the engine manifold and tail pipe

To block heat signature with the HPC™ and over coat of Super Therm®.

The entire tank frame and exposed working parts needs to have Rust Grip® applied as the primer to prevent rust development. Rust Grip® locks down directly over metal and/ or existing rust to a 6780 psi surface tensile strength to lock up and not allow air, moisture or chemicals to attack the metal that will form corrosion and result in maintenance problems.

This same application process is applied to all equipment from corrosion protection, then heat control.

Trucks and Vehicles

As in humvees, trucks and other vehicles, the transmission area sends a tremendous amount of heat into the cockpit. Coat the underside of the hump with HPC™ and overcoat with Super Therm® to face the heat source. This prevents the heat from migrating into the metal skin and it stops the transfer of this heat into the cockpit. Firewall from cockpit to engine is the same. Coat it to block heat transfer.

Ammo Boxes

Ammo boxes can be coated on the exterior and interior sides to reduce heat gain. On the interior of these boxes, we can apply the Omega Fire coating, which has been tested extensively by the Navy to stop high temperature transfer and fire temps from reaching the ammo on the inside of the box to discharge it due to extreme heat.

Jet Engine Thruster Test (pdf – 250kb)

Jet Engine Reverse Thruster Test, (see graphs in pdf).

Emittance Test (pdf – 87kb)

Tennesse Tech Emittance Test.

NASA Flammability Test (pdf – 262kb)

NASA Space Flight Center Testing of Super Therm®.

Sound Proof Test (pdf – 531kb)

Sound Testing performed by Hot-Cold Air and Fire Control by Pat Saulson, PhD. Sound reduced on average 50% for interior walls and 23% for exterior walls.

Fort Bragg Lead Paint Report (pdf – 560kb)

Lead Based Paint Abatement and Encapsulation at Fort Bragg with Rust Grip®

KW reduction from Super Therm® = Actual Dollars

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