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Underwater Pipes Anti-Corrosion System, Nigeria

Industry: Energy and Mining

Location: Nigeria

Products: Rust Grip®, Moist Metal Grip and Enamo Grip,

Global Partner: SPI Coatings and Superior Products Europe

Nigeria Offshore Applications

The attached pictures show one of two applications performed in Nigeria.

The job is about pipes used for offshore oil drilling operations, subject to cycles of immersion underwater and storage on deck. Very tough environment and very tough life cycle (salt water, salt spray, sun, impacts, abrasion, and temperatures ranging from 5° to 120°c (40 to 250°F). The original coating system, applied four years ago, had badly deteriorated.

This coating system guarantees a maintenance-free, durable solution which can resist all surface threatening influences.

The application main steps were:

Before work started there was preparation work to clean, dry and make a sound surface ready to accept the SPI coating system above.

Rust Grip® was applied as a primer. Rust Grip® stops rusting and deterioration.

Moist Metal Grip was then applied as a base coat. Moist Metal Grip will displace the moisture, attach on the surface, and stop further corrosion problems.

Finally a top coat of Enamo Grip® was applied. Enamo Grip® will give a smooth and durable finish, which prevents moisture from affecting the surface as well.

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