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Abu Dhabi LNG Super Tanker with Rust Grip®

Industry: Energy and Mining and Marine

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Products: Rust Grip®, Enamo Grip® and Super Therm®

Global Partner: SPI Coatings

Marine Environment in Abu Dhabi LNG Tanker

The client ADNATCO is owned by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC’s) marine transportation company for crude and gas shipments, primarily sent to Asia. The application took place in Dubai Dry Docks on two separate vessels, on the Monkey Islands. The parent company ADNOC conducted detailed laboratory testing confirmed that Rust Grip® & Enamo Grip® can outperform the traditional 3 coat system, even when Rust Grip® is applied WITHOUT SANDBLASTING @ around 400 micron DFT.

Super Therm® was also applied to the tankers primarily where accommodation and the Bridge are in order to reduce heat load. There was a comparison test between white paint andSuper Therm® and calculation of ‘heat load’.

When temperature readings were taking by the client, the white paint surface was 42.6°C while Super Therm® surface was 40.0°C which could easily be due to the ambient around the atmosphere of the coating surface. The point of difference is under the deck plate, the white paint is 40.3°C and theSuper Therm® is 28.3°C or a 12°C difference which is a direct comparison of what we mean by “loading” of heat and howSuper Therm® blocks this.

This is to confirm that the coating product ‘RUST GRIP®‘ manufactured by Superior Products International has successfully passed the qualification requirements/tests stated in SP1246 PCS’s 1, 3, 4, 6 & 11A. Therefore PDO has accepted RUST GRIP® coating product for the designated PCS’s system. The surface preparation shall comply with SP1246 part 4 requirements. Petroleum Development Oman.

With with the lab testing, and field trials complete we are moving forward with many more applications in the future.

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