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City of Adelaide Cool Roof Trial 2022-2023 Super Therm

City of Adelaide Cool Roof Pilot 2022-2023

Industry: Government & Sustainability

Location: Adelaide South West Parklands, South Australia

Products: Super Therm®

Global Partner: Superior Products International II, Inc.

These are the summary comments from the City of Adelaide and their Cool Roof Pilot with Super Therm®. It was prepared by University of Adelaide, School of Architecture and Civil Engineering. The report is still to be released; however, the very positive summary; particularly as this was a mild summer in Adelaide, was still excellent. This will ensure long term performance and both energy and carbon savings.

Successful Summary from the City of Adelaide Cool Roof Pilot


The Built Environment Absorbs Heat – Super Therm Blocks It!

Bitumen roads and building materials collectively absorb and store the sun’s solar heat that contributes to excessive heat in our cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth. These dense urban areas is known as the urban heat island effect

The heat islands are significantly hotter than temperatures in surrounding suburbs and rural areas and impacts the well being of communities as well as increasing air conditioning demands which increases carbon emissions and costs. 

The number of extreme heat days are predicted to increase and exacerbate the urban heat island effect, the City of Adelaide is working to better understand the environmental impacts and reduce heat islands.

In 2019/2020, the Council undertook a Cool Road Adelaide trial with other stakeholders in which a treated road was monitored to see how specialised coatings reduced surface and ambient air temperatures in the city.

Like bitumen roads, normal roof materials heat up significantly by absorbing the sun’s solar heat. The darker the roof, the hotter it gets. Ultimately this heat increases air-conditioning demands, carbon emissions and energy costs.

In April 2022 the City of Adelaide engaged NEOtech Coatings to apply Super Therm® Ceramic Cool Coating as part of their Cool Roof Pilot on two buildings in the southern Adelaide parklands.

As an example, a netball clubrooms had a dark, Deep Ocean Colorbond® roof. On a 25°C day the external roof temperature was 53°C. The other building had a lighter Surfmist® roof and recorded 45°C. The heat loads into the metal roof and transfers into the building, pushing up the need for air conditioning.

The roofs were pressure cleaned and repaired in a day and the Super Therm application was applied the next day.

After application with Super Therm® on a 27° day, the netball clubrooms roof was a very cool 23°C compared with previous high of 53°C on the uncoated roof. This 225% improvement means it was much cooler inside the building as there was a tiny amount of heat loading into the roof space and traditional insulation.

The University of Adelaide is independently researching data as part of the cool roof pilot. Based on urban heat mapping and testing sensors before and after application, they are collecting data both on the roof and inside with a final report post summer 2022/23.

Super Therm® was developed with NASA over 6 years. It also prevents:

  • Roof thermal shock and Extends roof life
  • Fire rated as Class “A” by NASA
  • Reduces CO2 emissions towards Net Zero
  • Inhibits mould and mildew
  • Proven 20-50% energy reduction
  • Less visual impact because it’s not shiny white to block the heat load
  • Reduces condensation…and more

The City of Adelaide’s investment will last well over 20 years against the rising threat of heatwaves, blackouts and increased sustained heat events. They will also be able to make future decisions with local verified data in relation to adapting buildings in Adelaide for climate change.

While cities globally manage growing heat threats, Super Therm® is used around the world to solve heat challenges and the City of Adelaide are future proofing to protect their important assets and the community’s well being.


Cool roofs and how to get them:
City of Adelaide Council trials a space-age ceramic coating as temperatures skyrocket
The Fifth Estate, 17 May 2022

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