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Super Therm® videos

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Rust Grip® videos

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Super Therm® Videos

Super Therm® saves 25% heat temperature in Flinders Ranges

Solar Heat Block on a Data Centre Wall…Reduce the risk with Super Therm®

Rio Tinto Containers Protected in the Pilbara with Super Therm®

Australian Mining Review Super Therm®

Super Therm® on a home in Kapunda, SA

J.E. demonstrates emissivity with Super Therm®

Super Therm® protects playground at Honeysuckle Park, NSW

How Super Therm® Works…Stop the Infrared Heat stops the Heat Load

Super Therm® Saves Fuel, Money and Freight in Trucks and Reefers

Super Therm® provides outstanding Agricultural heat protection

Super Therm® Reduces the Urban Heat Island effect

Florida 20-30% Energy saving – Super Therm®

Denver 26% Energy saving – Super Therm®

Texas 52% Energy saving – Super Therm®

Super Therm® Test

Sunshield® Videos

Sunshield Heat Reflective Paint on a Tarp saves 43% energy with Sunshield®

Rust Grip® Videos

Rust Grip® – the world’s best encapsulation coating

Rust Grip®

SP Interlock® Videos

SP Interlock used to stop salt damp in South Australia

Moist Metal Grip® Videos

Antifouling with Moist Metal Grip

HPC® Videos

HPC Coating

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