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Specialist Thermal Insulation Coatings Industry Video Series

More specialist Coatings Industry Video Series
by J.E. Pritchett, SPI Coatings

J.E. Pritchett (Inventor) Explains Videos

History of SPI and Ceramics Thermal Coatings

Thin and Thick Ceramics Thermal Coatings

Presentations Videos

Presentation to Smart Home Vision on Cool Surfaces

Super Therm® Videos

VOAG poultry farm, Griffith, NSW…The Cool Revolution of Super Therm®!

Super Therm® Protects Jimmy’s Cafe in Byron Bay, NSW

City of Adelaide Cool Roof Trial 2022 SA with Super Therm®

Super Therm® 25% heat temperature reduction in the Flinders Ranges, SA

Super Therm® demonstrating it’s powerful emissivity and how it blocks heat load and transfer

Super Therm® can reduce condensation…not rapid heat expansion reduces moisture

Solar Heat Block on a Data Centre Wall…Reduce the risk with Super Therm®

Rio Tinto Containers Protected in the Pilbara with Super Therm®

Cooling a Container in Port Lincoln SA with Super Therm®

Super Therm® cools down a cathedral roof home in Kapunda, SA

How Solar Heat Works and Super Therm®

Australian Mining Review Super Therm®

J.E. demonstrates emissivity and no heat load with Super Therm®

Super Therm® protects playground at Honeysuckle Park, NSW

How Super Therm® Works…Stop the Infrared Heat stops the Heat Load

Super Therm® Reduces the Urban Heat Island effect

Super Therm® Saves Fuel, Money and Freight in Trucks and Reefers

Super Therm® provides outstanding Agricultural heat protection

Texas 52% Energy reduction – Super Therm®

Super Therm® Test Adelaide, South Australia

Sunshield® Videos

Sunshield Heat Reflective Paint on a Tarp reduces 43% temperature transfer with Sunshield®

Rust Grip® Videos

Corrosion Encapsulation with Rust Grip® Explained by inventor J.E. Pritchett

Rust Grip® applied to bridges at a fraction of the traditional cost

Rust Grip® – the world’s best encapsulation coating

Rust Grip® Pemex Drop Test

Rust Grip® Pemex Burn Test

Moist Metal Grip® Videos

Antifouling with Moist Metal Grip

HPC® Videos

HPC Coating Live Pipe Application

HPC Coating Preparation & Application

Omega Fire Videos

Omega Fire Test – 1200°C / 2100°F

Omega Fire Test

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