Rust Grip®

The 6,780+ psi permanent encapsulation coating solution

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Imagine: 3 days work in a single day, half the price and double the corrosion performance! Too good to be true…try Rust Grip® yourself!

Rust Grip® – Encapsulation Coating for Corrosion, Lead Paint & Bio-hazards – Case Studies

Rust Grip® is a one-coat, patented encapsulation—interior and exterior—surface protection coating that also acts as a full containment covering single component urethane formula applied directly to rust or blasted metal surfaces. 6780 psi surface tensile strength. Pull test results in the field and lab average 1200 psi and in the field over blasted surface at 2200 psi. Extremely tough, anchors itself inside the pores of the metal surface or surface rust to block moisture and air from developing corrosion. Simple to use and extremely effective against all corrosive environments. Applied only to completely dry surfaces.

This moisture-cured polyurethane coating has been used successfully in the harshest environments; chemical fields, oil fields, oil rigs, and in areas that demand resistance to the corrosive effects of day-to-day exposure. Rust Grip® is tested to encapsulate toxic elements such as existing lead-based paint, asbestos and other biohazard materials. Passing 15,000 hours of ASTMB117 with the Top Score of 10 at only 6 dry mils and with scribe 500 hours, no blistering.

15,000 hour Salt Fog Test for Rust Grip

SPI Coatings coated some plates with HPC on it at 12.5mm or 500 mils. This was over-coated with RUST GRIP to seal and prevent water and air from getting to the HPC.

They placed these plates inside a salt-spray cabinet for the ASTM B117 testing to see how well the RUST GRIP would protect the HPC from salt spray and UV cycles.

It has been 15,000 hours and they look like the first day placed inside the cabinet. Test is ongoing.

The HPC would be both protected and there’d be zero corrosion on any pipes underneath which could manage 500-550°C internal temperatures. This is a great solution to reduce any threat of corrosion under insulation that most companies have using fibreglass jackets etc. See the Report pdf

10,000 hour fog test for Rust Grip over HPC - NEOtech Coatings authorised SPI Coatings Distributor

Rust Grip® is easy to use and stops the progression of rust and corrosion, while protecting the substrate far longer than conventional, surface gluing, industrial grade rust inhibitors. With minimal preparation and no white sand blasting of the surface, Rust Grip® applies with one coat, “two applications,” and penetrates deep into and seals the pores of the surface to become part of the surface profile.

Within an hour of application, Rust Grip® begins to cure, pulling moisture from the air and microscopically swelling into the individual pores of the substrate as it hardens. This moisture absorption anchors the coating and seals against any possibility of outside air, moisture or minerals from entering the pores and attacking the surface and causing further corrosion or penetration of any kind.

Rust Grip® is tested to encapsulate:

  • Rust
  • Lead-based paint
  • Asbestos
  • Bio-hazardous materials

Rust Grip® has the ability to protect against mold and mildew on surfaces that are prone to dam- age from prolonged exposure. Rust Grip® cre- ates an unsurpassed protective surface, proven time and again through on-site evaluations and real-world applications.

  • Patented encapsulation of bio-hazardous materials
  • Pull testing avg 1480 psi
  • Exceptional adhesion: ASTM 5B rating
  • Surface tensile strength: 6,780+ psi
  • Withstands temperature up to 600°F (315°C)
  • Certified penetration of 18 layers of existing lead-based paint
  • Endures 29,700 rub cycles without exposing existing lead-based paint
  • Passed 15,000 hour salt spray test
  • Test “5” on Flame Spread (0-25 Class A)
  • Meets EPA Guidelines
  • Certified water barrier: ASTM D6904 and ASTM D7088 hydrostatic & wind driven rain
  • Over 15 years of successful use on oil rigs and pipe lines

Rust Grip® can protect and seal surfaces of steel, aluminium, concrete, wood, fiberglass, and other substrates. Rust Grip® will seal out moisture and air with a permanent membrane that stops penetration and deterioration, blocking chemical pollutants that cause corrosion and deterioration.

Rust Grip® is reviewed and approved by these organisations:

  • USDA Product Safety Branch
  • DNV (Det Norske Veritas)
  • Louisiana Dept. of Transportation
  • Georgia Dept. of Transportation
  • IMO (International Marine Organisations)
  • ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)
  • US Coast Guard
  • Tennessee Dept. of Transportation
  • University of Kentucky

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