Rust Grip Testing

RUST GRIP® – Encapsulation Coating for Corrosion, Lead Paint & Bio-hazards

Rust Grip has a been extensively tested both in the lab and in the field. It has a long track record of success over a wide range of industrial and commercial applications around the world. 

Rust Grip World's Toughest Encapsulation Coating

RUST GRIP® is a one-coat, patented encapsulation—interior and exterior—surface protection coating that also acts as a full containment covering single component urethane formula applied directly to rust or blasted metal surfaces. 6780 psi surface tensile strength. Pull test results in the field and lab average 1200 psi and in the field over blasted surface at 2200 psi. Extremely tough, anchors itself inside the pores of the metal surface or surface rust to block moisture and air from developing corrosion. Simple to use and extremely effective against all corrosive environments. Applied only to completely dry surfaces.

RUST GRIP® is a patented, unique aluminium nanoparticle galvanic protection and substrate encapsulation coating…not a surface glue. It’s second to none which means you’re protected for a very long time!

Rust Grip® Rated No. 1 by the Society of Petroleum Engineers

A long-term lab and field study by Chevron published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers, tested 18 different coatings on drill pipes for eight years. Drill pipes are the toughest environment anyone can ever imagine and RUST GRIP® was the top performer. In that paper they highlight the cascading benefits that came from solving the corrosion problem. You solve the corrosion problem, that’s already millions of dollars in savings and then because you’re not having to swap out these drill pipes so often, you’re saving millions in logistics. NACE Testing Read more >

Microphotograph of RUST GRIP® encapsulating 18 layers of lead based paint – See the report

US Army Corps of Engineers SSPC Paint 41 Test Report  (1.1mb pdf)

Rust Grip®

  • Rust Grip was the most consistent performer of all the coatings. 
  • Rust Grip was one of two coatings (with MC-Miomastic 100 Red Oxide) to exceed the minimum requirements for adhesion and only one of two coatings to be applied directly to metal. 
  • Rust Grip was one of two coatings (with Corothane I Ironox B) to pass the rust evaluation requirement of the specification. 
  • No other coating performed at the same level as Rust Grip in exceeding and passing the test requirements. 

Rust Grip Brochure (6.5mb pdf)

Rust Grip®

Rust Grip Testing – VTEC Labs (650kb pdf)

Rust Grip®

Rust Grip was applied to 11 gauge steel plates at 6 wet mils, dry thickness average 2.5 mils. The specimens provided met all requirements per IMO Resolution A.653(16) for bulkhead, wall and ceiling linings, and floor coverings – more >

Rust Grip 20 week scribe corrosion test (198kb pdf)

Rust Grip®

Testing Results for RUST GRIP Coating After 1000, 2000, and 5000 Hours of Exposure in Ultraviolet and Salt-Spray Chambers – more > 

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