Super Therm® Ceramic Insulation Coating

Super Therm®…the tough, cool roof heat shield!

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Super Therm® blocks 95% of solar heat and saves up to 20-50% (Industry tested) in energy use for over 30 years

Blocking the initial heat load is the “key” to controlling
heat load and flow into or out of a building structure!

How does Super Therm Insulation Coating work?

Block 99.5% of infrared heat and 95% overall!

Our mission to passively stop as much heat as possible in an environmentally friendly way and Super Therm® is without doubt the most effective and longest lasting ceramic insulation coating on the market today!

What is SUPER THERM® Insulation Coating?

Super Therm® Insulation Coating has proven, time and time again for over 30 years to block 95% of heat.

Super Therm® is a water-based insulation coating (thicker than a heat reflective paint) which contains 4 specific ceramics that work together unlike any other product on the market – two micron sized ceramics are reflective for UV and visual light, the third blocks the infrared solar heat energy and the fourth acts as a non-conductor for emissivity to stop heat load making it a safe, high performance and effective energy friendly solution. The ceramics have been tested to block:

  • 99% of Ultra Violet Radiation (UV)
  • 92% of Visual Light (Short Wave Radiation)
  • 99.5% of Infrared (Long Wave Radiation)
  • Block heat load non-conductor

At the foundation Super Therm® harmonises a unique combination of highly effective aliphatic urethanes for toughness and durability, elastomeric acrylics for elasticity, and resin additives which creates a moisture and ultraviolet barrier. The last polymer additive ensures a slow drying time to prevent cracking as well as adding a silky/matt finish.

The ceramic/resin combination has been shown to reflect both heat and fire, withstand elements for over 30 years, endure 180°c temperatures, bend 180° without cracking, and resist water and ultraviolet light in the toughest environments.

With a Total Solar Reflectance of 96.1 out of 100 it’s supreme for fire prevention, mould prevention, moisture control and reduces sound globally unlike any other.

Stop the heat, get cool and save money…perfect for

  • Shopping Malls
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Storage Units
  • Supermarkets
  • Transport
  • Warehouses
  • Wineries
  • Workshops

SUPER THERM® is the only ceramic insulation coating in the world that has the ability to block infrared heat and stop heat load. As the only ceramic coating developed in cooperation with NASA, SUPER THERM® is the most effective, durable and long lasting ceramic coating on the market.

Key Features and Benefits of Super Therm®

  • Blocks 95% of Heat Load (blocks the absorption and transfer of heat)
    • 99% of Ultra Violet Radiation (UV)
    • 92% of Visual Light (Short Wave Radiation)
    • 99.5% of Infrared (Long Wave Radiation)
  • TSR Rated 96.1
  • 99.5 BTU Block Rating / Tested in JapanUSA and Russia
  • NASA Tested and approved with Class “A” Fire rating – No fire spread
  • 30+ years lifespan with ongoing USA test
  • 5 year Manufacturer’s Product Guarantee (approved applicator) 
  • Works even when dirty – white paints have been tested reduce reflectivity by 30% within 1.5 years
  • 54% solids by volume – no need for 2 applications or priming – it’s not a paint; but a thick coating

You will not find another product that can genuinely verify that it repels radiated heat, reflects convective heat and resists conducted heat. This heat load prevention on roofs and walls greatly reduces temperatures and stops heat entering a building, therefore electricity bill savings through reduced KW power use and better comfort, well being and profitability.

Super Therm® resists the loading of surface heat over the envelope of a building to stop heat load before it starts. 

With Super Therm®, you can combat visual, ultraviolet and infrared light as the radiational heat load. It is an environmentally safe and advanced scientific formulated ceramic insulation coating stemming from developments with NASA‘s space agency

5 Key Benefits of High Performance Super Therm®

1. Saves you thousands in energy costs with clients
showing ROI within 3 years*

2. World’s only insulation coating Tested and Blocks 95% of solar heat!

3. Proven to last over 30 years

4. Prevents thermal shock protecting your assets,
reduces fuel consumption and running engine costs

5. Environmentally friendly, safe and easy water based application. USDA approved!

The Ideal Insulation Solution!

The 21st century science of Super Therm®

Set your air conditioner to 25°C. Every degree you lower the thermostat drives your bill up by 6% – e.g. 20°C = 30% more!
Con Edison, NY. 

Super Therm® reduces temperatures therefore giving a 20-50% (Industry Tested) increase in energy efficiency by reducing heat load and therefore less air conditioner power consumption to keep your environment cool.

Used by Multi-national Organisations and Governments

Super Therm® has been thoroughly tested and proven. It has been used by many multi-national organisations and governments which have applied millions of m2 around the world since it was first released in 1989. It has continued its long lasting, award-winning, proven success for over 30 years and the benefits, environmental rewards and sustainable results are comprehensive.

The basic principles of Super Therm® insulative properties are high-performance thermal reflection + low absorptive emissivity + high radiative emissivity + conductive resistance = the incredible thermal insulation of Super Therm®

Super Therm Insulation Coating Total Solar Reflectance rating 96.1

Super Therm® greatly reduces the roof temperature, improves the work environment and increases the efficiency of air conditioning. In cool environments it also keeps heat inside a room in winter, so it reduces the energy consumption throughout the year.

Sony Koda saving 75% energy consumption

Nissan Factory in Yokahama, Japan with Super Therm®

Above: Nissan Factory, Yokahama, Japan: 200,000m2

Application for Sony KodaMayJune
Before Super Therm® applied3,767 KW5,647 KW
After Super Therm® applied519 KW1,896 KW

Source: Daiko Shokai, Japan | See more Japanese Saving Case Study results (pdf)

Special Ceramic formula developed with NASA

Super Therm® was developed as a ceramic coating insulation. In collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Technology Utilization Office, J.E. Pritchett created a water-based paint composed of four ceramic compounds embedded in a foundation of four resins.

The ceramics used in Super Therm® do not conduct heat. Therefore, you will not feel any heat even when those ceramics are burned on your hand with a 1300℃ burner.

Physics show that ceramics melts at thousands of centigrade unlike metal, plastics and fibreglass and ceramics do not release poisonous chemicals. Ceramics are a natural insulator.

Creation and progress of Super Therm® was achieved in NASA when trying to develop a heat shield for space shuttles that thanks to the advanced ceramic insulation technology resisted extreme heat fluctuations (see the Super Therm® story and science).

On the basis of this, the manufacturer SPI II Inc. USA decided to collaborate in developing of their main product Super Therm® with the research centres at NASA. Successful development of the insulating coating with inimitable characteristics succeeded in particular thanks to collaboration of the scientists and ceramic engineers from Marshall Space Center (NASA). After 2 years of testing of more than 600 different kinds of ceramic components 3 ceramics with the greatest ability of radiation reflection and the smallest heat conductivity were ultimately selected.

Later researches proved inevitability of blocking also infrared radiation. Therefore the fourth ceramic membrane was added. Applying knowledge from space environment, a unique ceramic insulation coating for civil usage was created – Super Therm®.

Super Therm® insulation coating manufacturers, SPI II Inc. accomplished their most important task – the coating provided not only the heat reflection like other ceramic “heat – reflecting” coatings on the market but also blocked most of the heat transfer. View NASA Testing results.

Performance Durability is Outstanding

There are many “reflective coatings” that have an initial reflectivity of 80 to 90%, but lose reflectivity by 20% in 1 to 2 years. As a result, the temperature reduction effect is lost. Super Therm®‘s initial reflectivity is 92.2%, and it is demonstrated that the reflectivity after 12 years is 79.8% and that of after 15 years is 73%.

Even when the Super Therm® surface becomes dirty, it does not affect the room temperature reduction effect thanks to the effect of special ceramics proven for over 30 years. Compare Super Therm® to reflective coatings test.

The SPI Coating System of Super Therm® provides insulation against radiation heat transfer and conductive heat transfer, blocks the absorption of moisture, air infiltration, condensation, and mould and mildew, and is a fire resistant coating with zero flame spread and zero smoke.



Super Therm® is accepted by the USDA as a non-toxic coating in terms of food sanitation, and it can be used in food factories, dairy factories, and on the interiors of stockbreeding buildings. The quality tests of water in Japan also prove its harmlessness.


Super Therm® is classified as the highest class “K” with zero off-gassing in the flammability test at NASA (Marshall Space Flight Center). Super Therm® does not emit any toxic gases in fire.


The burning test by Japan Railway Rollingstock and Machinery Association for railway vehicle (8-135K) proves that Super Therm® is nonflammable. Super Therm® is classified as the highest class “A” rated having “0” flame spread on all three samples in the flammability test at NASA (Marshall Space Flight Center)

Moisture Barrier

Super Therm® is not hydrophobic because they are water based, however the resins dry and form a moisture block and passed the 80 km/hr wind driven rain testing and other hydro testing to block moisture migration through the film.

KW Savings from Super Therm® = Actual Dollar Savings

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