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Super Therm® Texture

Super Therm® can be applied by brush, roller or spray, however, the preferred method is by airless sprayer. It should never be applied directly over rust, nor should it ever be diluted or thinned.

The finished is a ceramic, silky matt textured coating that contains 54% solids. If visual appearance is important and in public view, the coating does mark easily. We recommend an application of an epoxy or our Enamo Grip to create a shiny finish and added protection and durability to your project.

Like any project, preparation is key. Corrosion can be a big issue if not treated prior to any application. Although Super Therm® does have a moisture barrier when applied to the correct thickness of 425 microns wet/250 microns dry, if the corrosion is not treated prior it will be drawn through the coating as Super Therm® is a water-based product.

Pressure clean the substrate, treat the corrosion of flash rust prior to application of Super Therm® with Rust Grip® or another corrosion converter.

KW reduction from Super Therm® = Actual Energy Reduction

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