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Cool Surface Technology

Cool surface technology to lower the temperature, save energy, money and CO2

Cool surface technology is an immediate and affordable non-mechanical solution that produces significant environmental benefits, cost savings and works immediately.

Passive cooling solutions through cool surface technology is used on roofs, walls and even roads that provides benefits for industries, consumers and the environment from the moment of application.

As energy supplies are under constant pressure which impacts the national grid through increasing demands, passive cooling solutions are the way forward. Rising energy costs are also putting Australian communities under more cashflow and living standards are impacted for other necessary essentials. In these scenerios, energy efficiency should be at the centre for energy strategies.

Cool surface technology like Super Therm® uses smart solar heat block coatings that save money, energy and carbon emissions

Cool surface technology also creates new opportunities for industries and job opportunities. A national rollout of cool surfaces greatly aids government in not only alleviating pressure on the grid – as a passive energy solution – but also create much-needed local economic development manufacturing and employment opportunities.

The concept of cool surface technology supports government initiatives to manage reduced carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions. It also reduces the impact of Urban Heat Island effects.

Cool surface technology also assists the community in with a low-cost intervention that increases the standard of low-cost living, reduces energy costs, limits subsequent maintenance and asset protection.

Global cool roofs challenge

The Cool Roofs Challenge is a global challenge to accelerate access to affordable, sustainable cooling through rapid deployment of cool roof materials. There are projects from around the world, all deploying various cooling surface technologies. The basis of the challenge is converting roofs to white paint which does reduce temperatures.

Cool surface technology to lower the temperature

The deployment of cool surface technology also greatly improves urban air quality, reducing energy use and health costs. It also reduces the urban heat island (UHI) effect as it aims to cool the ambient temperature in urban environments along with providing better resilience to heat events and climate change.

Reducing solar energy absorbed into roofs improves the temperatures in the immediate area. Heat is created by energy from air conditioners, trucks, vehicles and people in densely populated urbanised cities. Even through many developments with dense housing are creating micro urban heat island effects.

Naturally on an individual level, cool surface technology improves the thermal comfort of occupants in buildings without mechanical air-conditioning which makes it ideal for schools, offices, warehouses, homes and factories.

The cool surface technology like Super Therm® also improves health and productivity, saving on medical bills and reducing absenteeism in employment. Cool surface technology also substantially reduces the cost of building maintenance as it is waterproof, fire retardant, inexpensive with a positive return on investment, low-tech and quick and easy to deploy.

Controlling carbon emissions is difficult across an entire city, utilising cool surface technology can have a local positive impact. Reducing heat load should be the first point of call then ways to save costs in mechanical cooling which costs money and burns energy. We need to cool down our ambient temperature and environment and proven solar heat block coatings like Super Therm® give the proven results.

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