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7 reasons to apply a Super Therm cool surface and roof coating system on your building

A cool surface and roof is a system that blocks and reflect the heat from the sun and its damaging rays away from the surface, while reducing heat load and emitting any absorbed solar heat. This lowers roofs surface and building temperature, protecting the roof from thermal shock.

Cool surface and roof coating systems like Super Therm® can reduce cooling energy demands in buildings by up to 20-50% (industry tested). Cool roofs save money, lower maintenance costs and increase the lifespan of the roof.

Here’s 7 key reasons to have a Cool Surface and Roof Coating System installed on your building today:

1. Reduce Your Energy Costs

When selecting a highly reflective cool surface and roof coating, such as the Super Therm®, for the topcoat in your cool surface, your roof will only allow 5% of the sun’s heat. Compare that to an uncoated/non-cool roof, which could absorb most of the sun’s heat if a dark colour or other products that allow heat load. Therefore you will find there is a large temperature difference on the inside of both these buildings. Cool Surface and Roof Systems significantly reduce the indoor ambient air temperature because of their lack of heat absorption and their ability to be highly reflective and in Super Therm’s case stop heat load as proven by the US Department of energy which showed 20-50% energy savings. > More >

2. Protect Your Building from Solar Heat

The sun is your surface’s worst enemy. The intense heat and UV rays are the leading causes of corrosion and roof deterioration. These sun-related issues become the cause of why your roof has leaks. Installing a Cool Surface and Roof Coating Systems is similar to how sunscreen protects our skin from the sun; it prevents sunlight degradation from occurring, blocking the damaging UV rays from the roofs surface. Its like having your building under the shad of a big tree all day. Super Therm has been tested globally and stops 95% of heat with a 96.1 Total Solar Reflectance rating. One of the world’s best! > More >

3. Developed with NASA

SPI Coatings has researched, developed and tested proven solutions to the real-world, tough problems related to heat, corrosion and sealants (Superior Products International II, Inc., n.d.). It holds the distinction of having scientific research and industry testing relationships with major corporations from around the world, including NASA. SPI worked with NASA for 6 years on the development of Super Therm® > More >

4. Reduce Your Life-Cycle Costs

A Cool Surface and Roof decreases roof maintenance costs and extends the life span of the roof beyond traditional roofs due to their highly reflective and emissive qualities; which ultimately protect the roof’s surface from early degradation > More >

5. Better Comfort and Productivity

Inside the building of a Cool Surface and Roof, temperatures remain lower and fluctuates less. In fact Super Therm® keeps temperatures ambient. This results in a greater overall comfort for employees, tenants, and customers with or without air conditioning > More >

6. Environmentally Sustainable

A Cool Surface and Roof System with Super Therm® is low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and has no harmful or strong odours. They also decrease emissions in the atmosphere by lowering energy consumption and air-conditioning usage that improve the Urban Heat Island effect. Super Therm® is a sustainable, highly reflective,Cool Surface and Roof Coating Systems that allow you to renew your roof indefinitely, avoiding a costly tear-off and reducing waste that contributes to already over-flowing landfills. In fact we have a 30+ year testing site monitored by the Japanese that was coated in 1989 and lost only 10% of efficiency. Super Therm® Environmentally friendly, safe and easy water based applicationUSDA approved > More >

7. Block 95% of the Heat

Super Therm® has been tested globally to block 95% of heat. Heat consists of conduction, radiation and convection. Within heat you’ll find 3% UV, 44% Visible and 54% Infrared. Most heat reflective paints work while new, white and clean and are unable to stop heat load from infrared heat. Super Therm® has 4 compounds that block most UV, Visual and Infrared heat as well as stop the heat load keeping it ambient. That’s the Super Therm difference! > More >

KW Savings from Super Therm® = Actual Dollar Savings

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