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Super Therm® Employee Comfort

Better for employees comfort

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Reflecting 96.1% of the heat (99% UV, 92% Visual Light and 99.5% Infra Red) means that heat from that light is prevented from entering the building, the level of comfort is therefore ambient and not radiant based. This heat load prevention on roofs and walls greatly reduces temperature and therefore electricity bill savings through reduced KW power use. There are minimal demands on heating and cooling systems which will cost businesses more over time.

Super Therm® Insulation Coating ©NEOtech Coatings Australia

Employee working conditions are greatly improved. Large warehouses and trucking firms have benefited where they need to improve employee conditions by lowering heat means less employee heat stress related illnesses, sick leave, workers compensation claims and turnover costs. This also works for animals in agriculture.

Due to this unique solar heat blocking property, you can maintain the interior temperature in a building at the human comfort level all year round supporting the traditional insulation material. This, in turn, will create energy savings associated with air-conditioning. This benefit is more pronounced with old buildings, especially those which do not have space or structure to allow room for bulk insulation.

Reducing heat, improves comfort, saves energy

Super Therm® Insulation Coating ©NEOtech Illustration

Super Therm® has been thoroughly tested and proven and is used by many corporations and applied to millions of m2 around the world since it was first applied in 1989. It has continued its long lasting proven success for over 30 years and the benefits, environmental rewards and sustainable results are comprehensive.

Super Therm® Molecular Scientific Insulation Structure
Super Therm® Molecular Scientific Insulation Structure

Key Features and Benefits of Super Therm®

  • Blocks 96.1% of Heat Load (blocks the absorption and transfer of solar heat)
    • 99% of Ultra Violet Radiation (UV)
    • 92% of Visual Light (Short Wave Radiation)
    • 99.5% of Infrared (Long Wave Radiation)
  • Blocks Water and Moisture Penetration – certified and tested water barrier
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Is Environmentally Friendly water based and Energy Star rated
  • Prevents Mould and Mildew
  • Blocks 50% of All Sound Waves – sound deadening
  • Blocks Flame Spread and Smoke – Class “A” Fire Rating (“0” Flame Spread and Smoke – tested by NASA and Australian laboratories).

Improving the Work Environment with Super Therm®

The warehouse was hot inside due to the heat entrance from the roof in summer, and they were looking for a solution to improve the work environment. Super Therm® (Cool Therm in Japan) was selected to reduce the room temperature and to improve the work environment.

In the comparison with the uncoated building (export warehouse) with the same building structure, the max. room temperature reduction was 5.1℃. The workers recognised the great effect, as well, so they are planning to apply Super Therm® to the export warehouse where they measured the uncoated result this time.

They record the room temperature of the same building on a constant basis, and according to their records the temperature reduction compared to the year before the application was -8℃ (Max).

KW Savings from Super Therm® = Actual Dollar Savings

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