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Las Vegas, Nevada - Super Therm Solar Heat Block Coating

Going Green with Super Therm in Las Vegas

From Home and Garden | July 2008

Living in the Las Vegas Valley, the picturesque desert landscape demands one’s attention, but it seems more often than not, it’s the desert heat that is keeping Las Vegans indoors.

But, one local resident has turned his home into an insulated abode, so to speak. With temperatures reaching more than 115 degrees in the summertime, Ron and JoAnne Randanzzo are utilizing the sizzling sun. Randanzzo knows how to take care of business. He understands loyalty and takes pride in what he does and owns.

He has worked for the award-winning The Steakhouse inside the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino for more than 23 years, and strongly believes in ‘doing it right, the first time’. “I hate to see people waste things or things get destroyed,” he says. “My philosophy is, you have to take care of things. I have kept my cars, my home, my job for a long time, a long time.” Part Renaissance man, part realist, he and his family are living the example of ‘going green’. In fact, Randanzzo was the first house in the Vegas Valley to have products called Super Therm® and HSC™ Coating grace the outside and inside of his home.

Las Vegas residents must now save up to “50%” off their current TOTAL UTILITY BILLS to offset the cost of recent and future power increases to spend the same (or less) than last year.

Super Therm® is a ceramic coating which has the consistency of a thick paint. It repels 95% of heat by deflecting three radiation sources from the sun, which are ultraviolet, visual light and infrared rays. Super Therm® creates an envelope of heat protection on the outside of a home, translating to not only a cooler house, reducing 40 to 60 percent on your next power bill.

HSC™ Coating, which is also a ceramic coating, was installed inside Randanzzo’s attic and helps reduce heat from the roof that heats up the tile, black paper, and plywood. This means that heat will not permeate inside his house, therefore keeping his attic at no more than 10° above ambient or the outside air temperature.

Randanzzo and the love of his life, JoAnne, bought his new Summerlin home a little more than one year ago, and automatically knew what needed to be done; from exterior paint, to installing new artificial grass, and even installing new shutters to block out the blazing desert sun. He was also searching, for several years he says, for an exterior product on the market that would be energy efficient and that wouldn’t break his bank.

“There were other products on the market that I researched, but it was with Super Therm® that I got exactly what I wanted,” he says. “I looked at their demonstrations, I liked what I saw, so I did it, and it’s unbelievable!” What Randanzzo got was not only a home that could be considered the envy of his neighborhood, but a benefit of $70 on his very next power bill.

“My power bill from one month to the next was reduced from $180 to $110,” he says. “Before I got this product installed, I was even considering purchasing a newer, quieter air conditioner, now, my AC clicks on two, maybe three times a day, whereas before it was every 20 minutes. It was ridiculous! Now, the noise doesn’t bother me as much as before and I don’t have to replace the unit.”

There are several more advantages to Super Therm® besides the money-reduction factor. The coating also prevents mould and mildew by creating a moisture barrier to resist condensation, plus the product has a ‘Class A’ fire rating, meaning it resists and will not contribute to the spread of fire. Super Therm® is also a proven sound barrier that can block 50% to 68% of sound transmission through walls. For anyone living close to the freeway or other noisy areas, this helps in the overall comfort of their homes. Since Randanzzo’s home was the first home in the Las Vegas valley to get Super Therm® installed, several agencies from across the city are taking notice.

“I have had officials and engineers from the City of Las Vegas to Clark County, the Clark County School District, different food warehouses and several different businesses coming to check out how it works.” Randanzzo says. The process of applying Super Therm® is a simple one. In fact, depending on the size of a home and weather conditions, work can be completed in three to five days.

This is how it works. Once a homeowner signs off on the proposal, crews pressure wash the entire exterior of the home. Next, crews repair any cracks in the stucco with stucco patch, then the protective coating is painted or spray rigged on. “It’s exactly like painting a house,” says Jeff Cleavenger, a project manager for Superior Products International II, Inc.; the company that is keeping the Randanzzo family cool. “The only difference between regular painting and our product is the cost of the ceramic coating, however homeowners will see an immediate return on their investment, so in the long run, they will reduce costs.”

homeowners will see an immediate return on their investment, so in the long run, they will reduce costs.

The ceramic coating can be made in selected light colors. “My neighbor commented on my home, saying that the color hue changes at different times of the day,” he says. Randanzzo says he chose the beige hue; the ex- act color he had been searching for more than six months and even got the green light from his homeowner’s association. “Everything worked out,” he says. “I knew that if I painted the house, I would just have to repaint it again in about seven years, so I wanted to get a product that would not only look good, but would last a long time and reduced costs. Super Therm® is different. The coating is at least ten times thicker than regular paint, and my house looks newer than new. Plus, JoAnne loves it!” Randanzzo is definitely having his cake and eating it too!

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