Super Therm Energy Savings Ceramic Cool coating improves solar and PV output

Super Therm and Solar Panels – the Perfect Solar Team

Super Therm and Solar Panels are the perfect team for multiple reasons:

  • Both save energy
  • Both reduce CO2
  • Both work with the sun
  • Both bring better value
  • Both can protect the building
  • Both increases each other’s growth

The cost of investment and return both in dollars but also environmental costs are multi-beneficial. The concept of an energy saving coating is higher value; high performance yet the energy saving returns are there.

In fact Super Therm® and Solar Panels work beautifully with each other for the full encapsulation of solar heat into your home…and converting to electricity.

The increased returns, benefits and longevity of the best performing ceramic solar coating is a solid investment that will last over 20 years. Let’s compare a solar system alone, then combined.

A 5kW solar system is approximately 30m2

Cost is approximately $5,630 or $187m2 installed + input credits

Super Therm® is $750 for 30m2 or $25m2 + application

Payback 85x faster than solar!*

Super Therm® is an Energy Saving Coating!

Unique to its formulated compounds, Super Therm®‘s testing will blow you away. As the environment gets hotter this increases demand, political conversation and environmental protection, Cool Roof coatings will be the next big wave of thermal protection for all living spaces and other heat related uses.

Both from the blazing sun, warmer days and nights, UV and blocking 96.1% of the solar heat, ensures you’re protected over 20+ years.

It has been tested by the Department of Energy and it reduces energy consumption between 20-50% (industry tested) so the payback is much quicker and a longer lifespan, showing 32 years of current testing.

*Performance and results are based on industry averages and locations.

Its economic cost versus the environmental impact!

What is the environmental Impact?

The other element of solar is the impact on our environment.

As solar panels last between 10-25 years they will reduce in efficiency over time therefore reduce in savings and end up in landfill. They will expire!

Currently, almost all broken or expired solar panels go into landfill and experts have been warning for some time that more than 100,000 tonnes of modules will end up there by 2035 (ABC). The global outlook for solar panels is bleak based on environmental need. It’s economic cost v environmental impact.

Concerns with panels and fire safety

Solar by Area

5kW Solar System Prices and Costs

Source: Solar Calculator

The 5kW solar system is the most popular system in Australia with the sheer demand for systems driving down the cost in comparison to smaller system sizes. The cost of a 5kW solar system varies depending on where you reside as there are three major price variables:

  • Retail competition in your local market
  • The solar rebate applicable to your geographic location
  • The quality of the system you wish to install

The table below shows the average price of a 5kW system in major capital cities:5KW SYSTEM PRICES IN MAJOR CITIES:


The prices above are for the full cost of installation of a 5kW system and include GST, the federal solar rebate and assume the system is comprised of good quality components.

5kW solar inverter cost

The prices shown above include the cost of the inverter for a 5kW system. The quality of the inverter is one of the variants in prices between different systems.

Savings and payback numbers

Both the prices and output of 5kW systems vary according to location and so too do the payback and savings figures. A 5kW system in Melbourne, for example, can payback within six years while in Brisbane it can be less than five years. Below is a snapshot from the Solar Calculator calculator which shows the savings and payback results for a 5kW system in Sydney:

results from Solar Calculator for a 5kW system in Sydney

Savings vs payback

Solar Calculator recommend considering lifetime savings of a 5kW solar system in conjunction with the payback period. The payback calculation tends to favour lower cost systems that may pay back faster, but do not necessarily generate greater savings over the long term. A better quality 5kW system will perform better and not deteriorate at the rate of a lower cost system.

Super Therm’s cost savings speak for themselves

Super Therm on the Nissan Factory, Japan

Initial Cost for Improvement (¥10,000) 
Energy Saving Effect (¥10,000/year) 
Pay-Back Period (year) Excluding Interest 
Ceramic Insulation Coating: 6,850
Bituminous Coating: 5,680
Difference: 1,170 1,105 1.06 

Return on Investment

Thirteen (13) month payback savings to investment over the difference in cost of applying Bituminous Coating which has no insulation payback. See more >

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