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SP Interlock for concrete walls

Application recommendation

Problem: External walls are constructed with concrete blocks. This makes the whole external area is a water sink creating salt damp and mould throughout the strata.  

Solution: The solution to eliminate the water penetration that creates the salt damp and mould as follows. 

1: SP Interlock is applied to leach out the salt and seal the concrete from inside out. 2 to 3 coats needs to be applied. 

2: Super Therm® Ceramic Coating is applied in one coat. This will seal the wall against the element’s and also provide additional thermal protection. 

3: With the building being sealed externally will stop the mould growth inside the apartments. The Super Therm® can be colour code as required. NEOtech Coatings Australia only use accredited applicator for our coatings or client’s can self apply to instruction. 

By have having the building sealed using the above mentioned coating system it will be maintenance free in excess of 15 years.

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