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Super Therm for Interior and Ceilings


After tape and float, apply the Super Therm® directly to the walls as a self primer and insulation coat.

Application of the Super Therm® will hold the ambient interior air at a stable level. The reflectivity of the ceramics in Super Therm® act to resist the loading of the heat, this works for convective heat as well. The surface of the coating repels off any absorbed heat at a .91 rate. This is the emissivity rating as tested for the CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) requirements. This is demonstrated with the application to the 1/4″ metal hull walls of the Blue Chip Casino Boat built and operating in Michigan City, Indiana where the ambient summer is 100F and winter is -20 and snow. No condensation develops and the ambient temperature inside the vessel is stable year round. The SuperTherm® is coated on the exterior side and interior side of the metal single hull skin.

A finish coat of paint can be applied directly over the top of the Super Therm® without harming it’s performance.

  • The interior walls will be sound proofed to a STC of 50 between the 2500-3500 frequencies in the voice range.
  • The interior walls are protected to a Class “A” Flame spread rating for fire resistance.
  • The interior walls are protected from mold/mildew growth and development.
  • The interior walls are water and moisture sealed.
  • Blocks air flow while allowing the substrate to breath gases and needed air pressure releases.


The ceiling can be textured if this is the specification first, then Super Therm® applied directly over the texture. This will insulate the ceiling from losing heat in the winter, help with sound controls and allow more light to bounce into the room from the existing lighting fixtures instead of absorbing into the ceiling substrate.

Duct Work

In place of wrapping the ductwork with foil backed fiberglass, spray the duct work after in place with Super Therm®. The Super Therm® will help to seal and seal loose seams and block lost air flow. The Super Therm® will stabilize the metal skin of the duct to prevent condensation and control the lost of heat or cold air transferring through the duct. The fiberglass type materials are not adhered to the duct skin. The air gap between the fiberglass and duct surface will develop condensation from the warm moist air through the fiberglass and slowly cooling at this point of contact. The condensation kills the effectiveness of the fiberglass and fiberglass cannot block air lost through seams and joints.

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