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Super Therm® Colorbond® Colour Roof Tints

Super Therm can be tinted to the lighter range of COLORBOND® colours. Naturally due to physics, the darker the colours the less thermal efficient thermal barriers become which is the same for insulation coatings. Therefore we recommend these COLORBOND® colours that help improve thermal solar heat barrier and make your roof look fantastic.

Super Therm® is an egg shell white with a Total Solar Rating of rating of 96.1 (stops heat), Solar Reflective Index rating of 102 (reflects light and emits heat) and BTU rating of 99.5% (Blocks infrared), it can be tinted with water base dies to light colours by your local paint store.

IMPORTANT: Any tints and darker colours will cause a reduction in solar heat performance which is then influenced by the colour and the environment. The chart below is a colour guide to the reduction of efficiently with tints applied to Super Therm®. See COLORBOND® solar absorption ratings.

SUPER THERM® can be colour matched to these colours in the COLORBOND® steel range

Super Therm Colour Chart pdf

Tint pots based on 19 litres utilising external colour tints.
Mixing the tint pots per 5 gallon pail of Super Therm®.
Colour card of Oyster White as an example matched to roof sprayed with Super Therm®.
Final roof painted in Super Therm® with Oyster White tint.

Australian Government’s Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS)

Star ratings and variations

To be effective, passive cooling needs to cool both the building and the people in it – Australian Government. According to the Australian Government, a 7 star rating is achievable with basic inexpensive materials such as aluminium windows and single glazing when the right design principles are applied—such as passive design and appropriate use of insulation and material selection.

The Building Code of Australia doesn’t take into consideration new and next generation insulation technology such as Super Therm® that blocks the heat entering the structure. NatHERS say in order to achieve a 7 Star rating building you need a roof colour of Surfmist® in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Sydney and Windspray® in Melbourne and Hobart.

Colorbond® Contemporary colours range

The summer heat in Melbourne can exceed 40°C so to have a near 50% grey roof in Windspray® as a specified colour for a hot environment isn’t energy efficient. Interestingly Surfmist® is the lightest colour in the Colorbond® range above and is recommended for the rest of the country except Perth that has Classic Cream®.

According to the Australian Government graphic above summer heat gain is 25% to 35% through the roof. Blocking this heat would maximise all energy efficiencies in the home (Source)

When we compare in Google Maps, Darwin’s use of cool roofs with the City of Parramatta there is a noticeable difference in light coloured roofs. While Darwin as a community understands the net gain of utilising cool roofs. It is important to understand there are additional benefits by applying the correct insulation coating technology that gives sustainable and long term solar heat reflection. 

City of Parramatta (Google Maps)City of Darwin (Google Maps)

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