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Cool Revolution

Griffith in NSW is a unique agricultural town in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. It’s surrounded by major producers of citrus, stone fruits, vegetables, wheat, cotton, sheep and canola and chickens. 

NEOtech Coatings were approached by VOAG poultry farm to help contain issues regarding heat. 

A series of locations were established for trails including pump sheds and electronics rooms with the goal to keep out as much heat as possible.

Once the buildings were pressure cleaned an application of Super Therm 4 ceramics insulation thermal coating was applied to 250 microns dry and you could see the instant results. 

The best way to show you the incredible passive cooling performance of Super Therm is with an infrared camera. Here we’ve sped up the application so you can see Super Therm in action. On a 30°c day it’s dramatic seeing a 38 degree wall dropping by 11 degrees to 27 degrees in just 1 minute 30.

Our goal is to always show clients how much the heat load is reduced. So as you could see Super Therm cut 15 to 16 degrees out of the shed’s heat and is actually cooler than the ambient temperature outside. Now it’s like the shed is under a shady tree.

Super Therm has a very high total solar reflectance rating of 96.1% which means it only absorbs a tiny 3.9% of the solar heat of which 91% is emitted back out.

A very thin .25 millimetre dry thin coating and heat conduction of just 4 BTU square feet per hour makes it incredibly powerful at blocking solar thermal heat and great for C O 2 reduction.

Tens of thousands of applications of Super Therm globally have constantly shown the dramatic energy reduction of heat from the sun. 

What was also important to VOAG was that Super Therm was UL and FM approved, meaning it has global certification.

As a coating developed with NASA for six years, NASA stated “Super Therm rated excellent in absolutely no contri­bution to fire or flame. This is an unusual rating for any paint product as most will score from a low of 15 up to 88”. 

No matter the surface from containers, to sheds, buses, homes, factories, caravans and much more, Super Therm has proven its extremely high heat neutralization capabilities globally since 1989.

It’s a fact that if you reduce the amount of heat from the initial loading, you have reduced the amount of heat available for transfer into the building. This will ensure you reduce power to cool, water consumption, heat stress and reduce CO2 emissions.

Super Therm is a one of a kind thermal insulation coating, not a heat reflective paint. It performs for over 20 years even when dirty. 

While heat reflective paints always show you the outside temperature difference we’re only interested in the inside temperatures. In the end that’s where you’re going to benefit from blocking heat…not just reflecting visual light.

No priming needed, Super Therm is easy to apply, safe and water based. It’s tough, durable and long lasting. It’s performance is both proven, outstanding and unmatched to preventing heat load.

Well let you enjoy the rest of this application…you may really love watching paint dry when it’s this good…as you can see the results speak for themselves.

Visit for more information about Super Therm that neutralizes the solar heat.

Visit for more information about Super Therm that neutralizes the solar heat. Find out more at:… For more information contact: NEOtech Coatings Australia… +61 0409 678 654 #CoolRoof #SuperTherm #HeatReflectivePaint The results are only on this project in this location, for this structure and time period, and in these climate conditions, any other location may change the result achieved.

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