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Insulation Coatings of Hot Water Heater Systems

Current construction is designed for an interior tank holding approximately 220 litres of water, then a 100mm thickness of fiberglass or foam is placed between the interior tank skin and otter skin for insulation.

Problem with this is that the insulation material does not cover all the supports, attachments and holders to secure the otter skin to the unit. These areas allow heat to absorb from the hot water tank unit and transfer from the inner tank to the exterior side and be lost to the atmosphere. Moisture can be absorbed into the fiberglass or foam materials and deteriorate their insulation performance within six months of initial operation.

NEOtech Coatings offers a product called Hot Pipe Coating that can be sprayed on the exterior side of the inner tank that holds the water. The coating is sprayed at a maximum of 25mm thickness. Allow to dry and top coat with Super Therm® to seal. Now, the exterior skin can be installed for the finished look. 

Because the insulation space is only requiring 25mm to do the job now, the interior tank capacity could be enlarged to meet the same diameter of the normal tank. With the gain of 75mm on each side or a total gain of 150mm in diameter for the inner tank to expand, the new water tank portion can expand to hold 440 litres of water.

Therefore, comparing the same size unit as a normal diameter water heater, using the HPC/Super Therm® insulation system, you can increase the size of the water capacity to double the water capacity of the normal water heater currently being sold in the market. Alternatively you can reduce the size of the unit saving millions of dollars on materials that are used to make the unit bigger to allow for the traditional insulation.

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