An ‘Insulating’ Paint Salesman Is Tripped Up By His Own Product

Articles are published occasionally regarding the use of insulation, radiant barrier and heat reflective paints which create a mis-conception that all insulation coatings are bad…this simply isn’t the case! We’ve found that many of these articles are written not from facts but misjudgement.

While it is highly important we distinguish that Super Therm® is not like any other product on the marketplace, yet widespread and sweeping false comment damage great products and excellent solutions. We’d like to break this article down for you.

July 8, 2011

When Alton King built a new house, he didn’t include any insulation — instead, he trusted a ‘miracle’ product, ceramic paint…

…Although the claim that a coat of Super Therm paint is equivalent to R-19 insulation is clearly false, Alton King apparently believed it. In fact, King was such a believer in the insulating value of Super Therm that he decided to use the paint to insulate his own home.

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The inside of the attic should have HSC not Super Therm®. Super Therm is for radiational (solar) heat, not conduction.

Superior Products International II, Inc. response:

J.E. explained the background of this article back in 2015 as follows:

“This deals with a guy in the NE that decided to use Super Therm® on the interior walls of his home without technical advice from us.  The home owner (Alton King) brought in a consultant that said the HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) was not the correct size and demanded he adjust it. SPI was never in the middle of any of this but was being informed of the actions.

We told the home owner that going to court against the HVAC contractor and having a judge that, like everyone else in the US, only understands “what’s your R rating”, he would lose. When he went against the local code people, the fiberglass representative testified Super Therm® had no thickness and therefore could not have an “R” value.  It went on anyway and the result was as expected. The judge said it had to have thickness to be insulation and case closed.

Response by Technical Director of SPI

Q: Does Super Therm® have an R value?

Super Therm® is not designed as a conductive insulation so therefore does not have an R value. Insulation coatings are rating on BTUs. Super Therm’s BTU rating is 99.5% heat block:

  1. Super Therm® is not promoted or sold based upon any claim about a R-value or a R-value equivalency.
  2. Super Therm® does not have a R-value and is not designed to be used to block conductive heat in the same manner as traditional fibreglass insulation. Super Therm® is not code-approved anywhere for use as an interior insulation or for use as an insulation having a R-value. It is to be used on external of buildings to block solar heat gain.
  3. Super Therm® is not designed to block conductive heat transfer; Super Therm® blocks radiational heat transfer (solar heat from the sun) when applied to the exterior of a building or other enclosure.
  4. The major benefit of using Super Therm® in building construction is to apply it on the exterior of the building (roof and side walls) to block solar radiation and to prevent solar heat from loading into the building envelope.

The value of the Super Therm used correctly

  • Insulates and stops heat in its tracks leaving ambient – like a big shady tree
  • Cooler at night in summer without air-conditioning – more comfortable
  • 20 year manufacturer guarantee
  • Tested and reduces energy consumption by 20-50% (ROI generally 3 years or less)
  • Protects the roof from thermal shock and corrosion
  • Makes the space comfortable for humans and animals
  • Eco friendly, certified and water based application
  • Proven for over 30 years
  • Tested world wide with over 7 million sq metres coated in Japan
  • NASA tested and rated the best for no fire spread or smoke

Misleading Ceramic Coatings Articles in the Media

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