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Price of Super Therm

Super Therm® is available from NEOtech Coating AustraliaSuper Therm® is supplied in 5 gallon pails (18.9 litres). It can be decanted. Coverage guide is 18.9 litre pails – 45m2 per pail or 2.5m2 per litre. For 100% efficiency do not dilute Super Therm® as it is a specific premixed sensitive formula of combined ceramics and compounds. The price (product only – plus application costs) of Super Therm® does vary based in different circumstances including:

  • Coverage needed
  • Location for delivery
  • Extra incidentals such as pipes etc
  • Reduced rate for quantity
  • and other factors

We have proven results that our coatings may cost more per litre than our competitors, however the proven quality and uniqueness of our coating and the length of service of the products is generally more than 4 times longer, making our products the best value in the market compared to products cost per litre applied and labour.

Contact Shane Strudwick (0409 678 654) at NEOtech Coatings anytime and we’ll figure out the best price; from the world’s best performing insulation coatings proven for 30 years!

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