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Super Therm® on cars and personal vehicles

Super Therm® - Heat Neutralizer...Cool Insulation Coating
Block approximately 96.1% of solar heat – 20 years
Block approximately 85% of solar heat – 10 years

Super Therm® and Sunshield® can be used on your car to block the sun’s intense solar heat.

Just paint on as per the application instructions. We also recommend an epoxy over the top to keep it clean, protect the coating. Super Therm is a ceramic texture so an epoxy will make the surface smooth and keeps the coating white.

Apply a topcoat of Enamo Grip for both protection and high-gloss finish.

RUST GRIP® was also applied to a VW in Canada which had a corroded body. RUST GRIP® encapsulated the corrosion and was far cheaper than welding a new pay which meant the profile of the car’s floor was retained. Following this Super Therm® was applied to both keep the heat in the and cool out as well as reducing road noise.

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