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Mitsubishi Related Tank Terminal

Report extract in English
By Hideki Yonekura
AST Inc. (Advanced Storage & Transportation) Department Manager

For Daiko Shokai Co. Ltd (Japanese SPI Distributor), 2010

A whole surface of a tank (1,000KL) in Hokko Terminal (Japan) had coated with Cool Therm (Super Therm® in Japan) in 1996, and we had recognized the beneficial effects. Therefore all of the 39 tanks in Hokko terminal (30,000KL) were coated with insulation coating.

The maximum effect is that VOC emission in the atmosphere has been reduced strongly. This is because a temperature in the tanks are kept at a low temperature constantly by full coating with Cool Therm (Super Therm®), and breathing of tanks are depressed.

Moreover, relating to cooling tanks and refrigerated storage s coated with Cool Therm (Super Therm®), the effect of freezing have risen by 20 percent.

The temperature in the tanks were controlled by using electricity and water before, but it is not needed any more after coating. Cool Therm (Super Therm®) is the superior eco product which lessens the burden on the environment.

The tank coated in 1996, which were recoated with top coat only in 2009, the heat insulating effect is still continuing, and the durability is demonstrated. We are promoting insulation coating of tanks and storages as part of environmental protection > Read PDF

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