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Super Therm Ceramic Coating Features

Block 95% of solar heat and reduce 20-50% in energy use (Industry testing); Super Therm® is the proven global ceramic heat block coating solution for over 30 years.

Some key features from the one high performance coating:

Super Therm has been tested with No Flame or Fire Spread Super Therm® has a “0” rating out of 100 for the ‘Flame Spread Index” and “Smoke Spread Index”. That is the highest classification available for a class “A” fire resistance rating. As tested by UL, Factory Mutual and NASA who all found that Super Therm® performed well in fire rating and subsequent toxicity test > More >
Super Therm Insulates 95% of Solar Heat Super Therm® has been tested around the world with BTU block rating of 99.5% of long range radiation (IR). Independent tests in Japan, Russia and the USA have conclusively proven Super Therm® blocks 95% of heat. Through the understanding of ceramics and heat through light, SPI Coatings have developed Super Therm® to be the only true coating that blocks 95% of heat > More >
Super Therm needs no maintenance - lasted over 30 years in testing After 30 years a test roof of Super Therm® is in Kansas. Applied in 1989 the roof’s efficiency has dropped 10% however the coating shows no sign of peeling, cracking, lifting or flaking. Super Therm® is a passive coating that needs no maintenance, water is potable and protects the roof from thermal shock > More >
Super Therm is an excellent moisture barrier Super Therm® can resist water and acid rain. Super Therm® is a permanently flexible “breathable” membrane that stops water penetration and prevents corrosion and surface deterioration. If the walls are sealed to help prevent the loading of moisture and reducing the air flow, physics takes over since a dry substrate is a better insulator than a wet one. Super Therm® is a tested “water barrier” to a 88 km/h (55 mph) wind driven rain. It has a permeability of 8.8 which allow it to breathe but helps to block wind flow.
Super Therm reduces your carbon footprint Super Therm® is truly a timely, Energy Star and environmentally-friendly coating that addresses both thermal and fire protection with minimal effort in application labor, making it ideal for a wider market use. With the reduction of energy use in kWh reduces the environmental impact. Also unlike fibreglass insulation there’s no concerns with landfill or safety issues > More >
Super Therm has been tested to block 68% of sound waves Super Therm® has recorded a high rating to block 68% of sound waves. VTEC Laboratories undertook testing for sound proofing and were amazed at the 40db reduction in the midrange sound frequencies. Even more sound was reduced with additional coats. Sound waves are similar to light waves > More >
Super Therm has been tested in conjunction with NASA NASA performed 2 tests on Super Therm®. Flammability “A” rating (best possible); Toxic Offgassing “K” rating which is a good rating due to the low volatile organic compounds in the coating. Super Therm® rated excellent with absolutely no contribution to flame or fire with a 0 rating > More >
Super Therm stocks mould and mildew As Super Therm® is used extensively in the elements, it was tested for fungal growth or soil and dirt accumulation. Buckman Laboratories International, Technical Service Laboratory Report gave Super Therm® a rating of 9-8 out of 10. 10 highlighting zero mould > More PDF test >
Super Therm® is given a 5 year Manufacturer’s Warranty to the Distributor. This warranty is conditional upon an accredited SPI Coatings applicator appointed by NEOtech Coatings Australia.

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