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Fake Information: The Truth about the Real Super Therm®

Misleading Ceramic Coatings Articles in the Media

Articles are published occasionally regarding the use of insulation, radiant barrier and heat reflective paints which create a mis-conception that all heat reflective paints are bad…this simply isn’t the case! We’ve found that many of these articles are written not from facts but misjudgement.

As an example, here’s an article from Rosie on the House published by which is misleading and doesn’t validate any statistics, researcher references or quantified comments…just merely opinion whereby no examples are provided.

While it is highly important we distinguish that Super Therm® is not like any other product on the marketplace, yet widespread and sweeping false comment damage great products and excellent solutions. We’d like to break this article down for you.

Super Therm Sizzles on Savings

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Rosie on the House: Finding the right exterior paint for Arizona’s sun rays

Special To The Arizona Daily Star – Feb 13, 2021

Written by: An Arizona home building and remodeling industry expert since 1988, Rosie Romero is the host of the syndicated Saturday morning Rosie on the House radio broadcast, heard locally from 10-11 a.m. on KNST-AM (790) in Tucson. Ask Rosie on the House your homeowner questions by emailing or call (888) 767-4348.

Question: Does color affect the lifespan of exterior paint?

Answer: Yes. Some colors fare better in the weather and under the sun than others. In Arizona, you’ll repaint less often with a light-colored, 100% acrylic paint or stain. Dark colors absorb more heat, so they break down faster under the hot sun.

True; learn more about heat load

Q: Should I paint the exterior of my home with ceramic paint?

A: Manufacturers of “radiant barrier” or “insulating” paint claim it can prevent you from repainting as often, extend the life of your roof and walls, and hide unsightly cracks in stucco. They also say it will lower your energy bill by reflecting the sun away from your house.

Get to know your paint technology. There are major differences in the quality and longevity of heat reflective paints and heat block coatings. Super Therm is proven and tested.

This type of paint contains tiny ceramic spheres and sometimes metallic aluminum pigments. It is applied as thick as a credit card. This combination of paint and ceramic works to reflect sunlight so the heat doesn’t pass into the home.

Super Therm® is specially formulated and contains 4 specialised ceramics that have been tested to block 95% of heat. It more than reflects sunlight, it has been tested in Japan, USA and Russia to block 99.5% of infrared heat which is 54% of all heat from the sun. Other reflective paints will decrease in efficiency after just 1.5 years as tested in Japan. Not all coatings are the same!

If you go this route, prepare to spend at least three times more money than regular good-quality acrylic paint. It can also be expensive to repair later because you can’t patch it the same way you can when you have a problem with regular paint. Instead, you’ll need to recoat the entire wall for an even blend.

Don’t expect that the paint will allow you to never paint again. All home maintenance jobs require some degree of upkeep.

A good acrylic paint doesn’t contain any infrared properties. Super Therm® has proven on a test in Kansas that it can last over 30 years. You can easily repair and reapply in sections with Super Therm.

Still, ceramic coating may help protect your home from UV rays, and some swear it helps make a room a little more soundproof. But the claim that it will cut your cooling bills by 30%, or even 15%, is disputed. Some researchers have said the average savings is as low as 2%.

Super Therm® has been tested by the Department of Energy in Texas, Florida and Denver and proven to show a 20-50% energy saving. It blocks 92% of heat in visual light, 99% in UV heat and 99.5% in Infrared heat. It has been tested to be 68% soundproof. NEOtech Coatings would be very interested to see the research from claims “Some researchers have said the average savings is as low as 2%.” to compare apples with apples.

Some painters also say the paint works like a raincoat, making it hard for water to penetrate. If the rain or moisture does get behind the paint, it will not be able to escape and can cause a mountain of issues including conditions conducive to mold and rot.

Super Therm® is a moisture barrier. As it has a very strong urethane and acrylic binding agent it bonds strongly to the substrate where moisture cannot get behind the coating unlike acrylic paints. Super Therm® performs equally from -50 to 300°F and is never affected by moisture. Super Therm has also been tested as a flexible coating with a bend radius of 180°.

My recommendation: Don’t rely on paint to insulate your house. Blown-in attic and wall insulation will keep your house cooler. I also suggest acrylic paint. It has greater elasticity than other paints, which minimizes cracking as the wall surface expands and contracts. It has a better transfer of ambient moisture so water is never trapped inside the home, and, if applied properly, will hold up for five to 10 years. In my experience, Arizona homes should never be painted with elastomeric paint for any reason. Ceramic paint is not worth the extra money, not even close.

If you understand how heat works and compare the options…Super Therm has proven to be the best ceramic solar heat block coating in the world and is used globally. If you consider the net benefits of power savings, CO2 emission reduction due to less air condition use, reduces urban heat island effects and longevity of Super Therm it is outstanding value and proven time and time again in residential properties, industry and Government.

Be wary of articles like this one which makes blanket claims on products it hasn’t tested. There are cowboys in the marketplace yet you can bet your home Super Therm is the leading specialist that delivers. Super Therm is the only ceramic solar heat block coating in the world that blocks 95% of heat!

The value of the Super Therm

  • Blocks solar heat in its tracks leaving ambient – like a big shady tree
  • Cooler at night in summer without air-conditioning – more comfortable
  • Tested and reduces energy consumption by 20-50% (ROI generally 3 years or less)
  • Protects the roof from thermal shock and corrosion
  • Makes the space comfortable for humans and animals
  • Eco friendly, certified and water based application
  • Proven for over 30 years
  • Tested world wide with over 7 million sq metres coated in Japan
  • NASA tested and rated the best for no fire spread or smoke

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