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Australian Paint Standards for External White Paint and Super Therm

NEOtech Coatings undertook an initiative to create a new thermal insulation coating standard in Australia. Currently there is no standard for thermal insulation coatings or heat reflective paints.

Current APAS standards for exterior water based paints for buildings – low gloss finish – AP-S0280-3

If you’re to look at page 5 of the standard in Australia for exterior water based paints they only require 48 months for peeling, cracking and flaking.

We have a field test for over 30 years with no change in appearance – still bright white with no tears, cracks, flaking, lifting, separating, or loss of adhesion in coating film – Kansas field trial.

We don’t have the thermal coating standards yet and if the criterial is just 4 years under AP-S0280-3 exterior walls we can meet that standard.

Other testing we’ve undertaken which are mostly ASTM tests relating to adhesion:

These tests are found on this page:

We offer a 20 year warranty for no peeling, flaking and cracking with a certified applicator.

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